Significant residential design trends for the next 10 years

Trends within residential design tend to be based on shifts in demographic and economic conditions, and leading residential architects believe these will still be influential over the coming decade. They anticipate that the focus on sustainability, accessibility and functionality will grow, with home-owners demanding environmentally-aware furnishings and building materials, as well as designs that are resistant to extreme weather conditions. When it comes to creating the spaces inside a building there has been more of a shift back to previous trends and many people are honoring decades of the past. This is where Antique Fireplaces Ireland company can help provide you with the perfect centre piece for your room.

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Here we examine some of the significant trends that are expected over the next 10 years.

Technological influence

We have seen a greater integration of technology into our homes in the past few years and this will continue to become more common. This will include automated systems for security, lighting and temperature, to control our homes when we’re not there, along with the integration of personal devices. In 2015, the number of UK households who had some type of smart system increased by 30% to 4 million, compared with 2014.

Concentration on outdoor spaces

More homeowners are looking at how they can improve their outdoor areas, and to create more living space that can be enjoyed whatever the weather. A tensile fabric structure is a cost effective way to cover an area, providing greater flexibility on how you use the space.

Protection from the elements

With the unpredictability of our weather, it’s becoming more important for homes to have some protection from natural disasters. Flooding is a particular issue in the UK that seems to be increasing year on year. Properties in risk areas could be built on an elevated structure to offer greater protection for the internal space, or use a fabric structure to cover outdoor areas. The average insurance payout for homes affected by the floods in December 2015 was around £50,000, so working to limit the risk could be beneficial for insurance premiums, as well as limiting the distress for homeowners.

Ageing population

The UK population is ageing every year, with people tending to live longer and remain in their own homes. This means that they often require properties adapted for their changing needs, such as single-level living or wider hallways and handrails. We will see these factors have a bigger influence on design in the future.

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