What breed of dog is best suited to Live with a Cat?

Many people say they are ‘Cat People’ or ‘Dog People’ but in reality, as a nation of animal lovers, many of us want to share our home with multiple animals – and that includes cats and dogs. So if you have a cat or cats already and are looking at adding a puppy to your home too, then of course there are the usual things to consider – How will you go about training your puppy, how will you deal with vets bills or insurance, what food will your new puppy eat, are you looking for healthy dog treats – if you want dog treats that are healthy click here. But what breeds of dog are the best at getting on with cats?

Bassett Hound – These lovable long eared hounds are known to be steady and slow moving – the perfect combination when it comes to keeping cats chilled! Because they are traditionally bred to work in packs, they are loyal and accepting of other animals and will happily see them as one of their own!

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Golden Retriever – These are popular with families and are actually one of the most popular breeds in the world due to their good-natured temperaments, obedience and willingness to learn and to please.

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Pug – This breed has grown in popularity over the last few years and with good reason – they are friendly little fellows and being small are the perfect companion for a cat. Not only that, as pugs are outgoing and love company a cat can help keep them company when their humans are away.

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