7 Important Tips for Childhood Obesity Prevention

Parents play an important role in preventing childhood obesity. It is important to inculcate healthy eating habits for the initial stage. Along with diet, regular physical activity also plays an important role.

It is important for the whole family to work together to fight the risk of childhood obesity. Here are some tips for parents to develop healthy eating habits in children, courtesy of casino Australia.

1. Check portion size

Many parents serve foods more than required to their children. It is advised to follow the right portion size according to the age of the child. Make sure that the diet provides them the right nutrition and optimum energy.

2. Teach then to choose the right snacks at an early stage

Children are commonly given sweets, candies and fried snacks as a reward. You should reward your child the right way. Play an outdoor game with them or plan a picnic together. Spend more time with your child in the activities they love. It is important to teach children the basics of choosing the right snacks. Encourage your child to choose healthy snacks over sweet treats.

3. Eat together

You should eat together as a family. It will help in developing healthy eating habits and help fix a schedule. Also, when you consume healthy foods then your children are more likely to learn the same.

4. Avoid distractions while eating

When you are watching TV while eating, you are more likely to eat more or less than required. It is better to avoid such distractions while having a meal. This will also help children to understand when they are full, according to casino en ligne en france.

5. Ensure a balanced diet

Right nutrition is extremely important for proper development in children. A balanced diet is a right solution to this. It will ensure the consumption of every necessary nutrient. You should also ensure optimum fibre intake.

6. Get creative

Some kids get bored easily and won’t be intrigued by monotonous forms of exercise. No need to worry—try different forms of activity that will stimulate and inspire your child, like playing tag, dancing, jumping rope, or playing soccer.

7. Remove temptations

If you stock the pantry with junk food, your child will be more likely to eat it. Kids look to parents for examples of how to eat. So be a healthy role model, and remove tempting but unhealthy options like calorie-rich, sugar-filled, and salty snacks from the house. Remember, the calories from sugary drinks add up, too—so try to cut back on the amount of soda and juice you purchase for your family.

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