Do you have the right car seat for your child?

car seat

We understand that the car seat is a product a bit ‘”difficult” with which the new parents have to deal, is one of the purchases that they consider more difficult to deal with, as we test one of the most authoritative companies in the field, because you are talking about the safety of your child.

Generally the greatest difficulty is found in the choice of the right model, i.e. what is better to buy for your child, what is the reference, weight, height, age?

Provided that the first car seat that you buy at the birth of the baby is the so-called “egg”, which is usually included in a trio package, and so far is easy … as the baby grows and we see that the egg seems to be tight the situation begins to be a more complex moment.

In reality it would not be because the easiest thing is to get advice from experienced and reliable people, but let’s try to do some clarity to help you and avoid incorrect behavior that may be harmful to your child.

First of all, we clarify that two regulations relating to car seats are still in force in parallel:

  • Divides the seats according to weight, and generally in relation to an age;
  • I-size that no longer refers to weight, but to height.

We can understand that this may be confusing but we will give you some easy advice that can help you by following what are usually the most frequently asked questions.

car seat

Can I mount the egg in front?

Yes, it is possible by deactivating the passenger airbag, but we advise you to place it in the back seat on the opposite side of the driver’s seat, better if anchored with the isofix base, it is a safer position, if you want to see the child place an unbreakable mirror on the car headrest so you can see it reflected in the rearview mirror of the car.

The egg is tight. The baby is sacrificed, can I change my car seat? My baby is 6 months old and is big.

No, the egg is “tight” because an object designed for car safety must be tailored to its small body, would you ever buy a motorcycle helmet of 3 sizes higher than the size of your head?

The next car seat must only be moved when the child’s head protrudes beyond the edge of the seat and it is not necessary to change the seat when the feet come out of it.

Can I go to a 9 / 36kg seat after using the egg, my child is 10 kg?

It depends, not always a seat that technically is said group 1.2.3 can be right, not all the seats of this type are rightly structured and adjusted by 9 kg as stated by the homologation. More clearly, a baby of 10 kg can, as the orange label on the seat declares, travel on an object of this type, but in reality if the head is not well contained in the headrest the seat is not yet adequate to its body and therefore it is better, if you want to replace the egg, take a seat approved group 0/1 or group 1 that is a seat that comes more or less to 4 years of age, to 18kg in weight or 105 cm in height.

The head is of great reference, in a few words passed to the next group only when the upper part of the head of the child crosses the edge of the seat and buy the next seat trying it and looking at if the head is rightly contained by the headrest.

So in this way, buy an extra car seat?

Yes, it can happen, depends on the physical structure of the child, not all children are the same and as we reiterate, even if a bit ‘pedantic, try a seat is important, compare it with others and get advice from an expert, we are talking about security and therefore health.

We would like to add that if it were right a group seat 1/2/3 you must make sure that it is a quality model, which is well transformable because it will adapt to the body of a child who will undergo significant changes since it will use it from the first up to 10 years of life around …

Can I put my three year old son on a 15/36 kg car seat, the one without internal belts?

Here too, we are not in a hurry to always look first if the seat that we are using still contains the head of our child, then if we buy a product with a comfortable back, to be clear, would be allowed, after 15 kg weight and 105 cm in height, the simple rises, but do not offer protection in the event of a side impact.

Even here, even if our children begin to be older, it is the case that they travel behind, it is the safest place ever.

However these seats do not have much space, in winter with the jacket the belts become “short”.

Recall that the belt must adhere perfectly to the body of the child so they are always to remove winter jackets otherwise it will not be able to protect it properly.

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