Five simple tips to prevent plagiocephaly (flat head) in the baby

prevent plagiocephaly

Plagiocephaly or flat head is a cranial malformation that affects more and more babies, mainly due to environmental causes, to continuous postures when the baby’s skull is very malleable, that is, during its first months of life. The good news is that there are five simple tips to prevent plagiocephaly.

The key is to try that the baby is not always in the same position, neither awake nor asleep. Let’s see how to achieve in a few steps that the skull of the baby is not flattened. These recommendations will also be useful if the head deformity is mild, although do not forget to consult the pediatrician.

prevent plagiocephaly

Vary the posture

The first step is not to put the baby to bed always in the same position. We can leave it in the crib, in the bed, in the carrycot or in its blanket on the back supported on the back, but also lying on the right side and alternating this position with the support on the left side. To sleep, always face up.

Change the position of the crib

If you sleep in the crib next to your bed, change the position cradle from time to time, so that when you look again you have to do it by turning your head to the right and to the left.

Face down

When the baby is awake, take the opportunity to spend little time on your stomach, in a safe and comfortable place, guarded, so that you do not have your head supported and begin to strengthen the muscles of the neck, back and arms. In addition, having the baby face down when awake is also important because it stimulates their senses, promotes the development of gross motor skills such as crawling, sitting and rolling, and later fine motor skills …

More arms, and alternating

When holding the baby in your arms, do it alternating your right arm and the left one, so that it supports the head on both sides. You can also hold it upside down, with its belly on your forearm. There are many ways to hold the baby and to feel safe, not to startle.

Other forms of transport

Do not always use the carrycot or stroller to move the baby, it is convenient to use other methods to move it: in arms, in baby carriers, scarves or handkerchiefs …

We hope that these simple tips to prevent plagiocephaly or flat head of the baby will be useful. And remember that the Association of Pediatrics doubts the convenience of using the orthopedic helmet in children with mild or moderate plagiocephaly. Consult the pediatrician if it is the case of your baby.

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