Water and lemon in the morning: Health benefits and contraindications

Water and lemon in the morning

Most people do not even imagine what a precious source of health and well-being is a simple glass of water and lemon, especially if it is drunk in the morning as soon as they are awake and before breakfast. You may also be interested to click here https://www.thorne.com/at-home-tests.

The lemon is not just a fruit, specifically a citrus fruit, characterized by a fresh and pleasant taste, able to flavor every dish from the first to desserts and perfect as a thirst quencher, but a real natural “drug” capable of improving the conditions general organisms and even to soothe and cure certain diseases.

We therefore analyze closely virtues and uses of lemon and, in particular, the benefits of water and lemon in the morning.

Water and lemon: The health benefits

A simple glass of warm water and lemon juice is one of the best choices you can make about your health. The secret is contained in the infinite properties of lemon, whose juice is rich in vitamins (C in large quantities), minerals and trace elements useful for a proper functioning of the whole body.

The lemon is primarily an excellent bactericide, disinfectant, antiseptic and anti-toxic, so it is also:

  • Activator of white blood cells for organic defense;
  • Refreshing;
  • Activator of the functioning of the nervous and sympathetic system;
  • Tonic of the heart system,
  • Alkalizing;
  • Diuretic;
  • Antirheumatic;
  • Antigottoso;
  • Arthritic;
  • Calming;
  • Gastric antacid;
  • Antiscorbutic;
  • Antisclerotico;
  • Tonic of the venous system, including small capillaries, which strengthens;
  • Blood thinner;
  • Purification;
  • Mineralizing;
  • Hypotensive (helps to lower blood pressure);
  • Hemostatic;
  • Carminative;
  • Deworming;
  • Healing and much more.

Water and lemon in the morning

Drink a glass of water and lemon in the morning: What are the benefits for our health?

As mentioned, drinking a glass of hot water and lemon every morning on a fast is a panacea under many points of view.

Let’s see what:

  • It helps to strengthen the immune system, thanks above all to vitamin C and potassium;
  • To balance the ph;
  • It is very useful for alkalizing the organism, counteracting the acidification of the tissues and its consequences;
  • Very useful to lose weight more easily, thanks to a substance contained in it, pectin, which helps fight the stimulus of hunger and thanks to its alkalinity;
  • Water and lemon promote digestion;
  • Helps to stimulate the evacuation by stimulating action of the intestinal peristalsis;
  • It is useful for improving the appearance and well-being of the skin, since the lemon is effective against impurities, pimples, acne, wrinkles and skin spots;
  • Drinking a glass of water and lemon juice in the morning helps to detoxify the body;
  • Very useful also to assist and facilitate the work of the liver in eliminating toxins;
  • To balance and regulate metabolism;
  • Helps to counteract acidosis and gastric hyperacidity;
  • It is a natural remedy to combat halitosis (bad breath) . Being a natural antiseptic, lemon juice in water also helps keep the breath fresh and fragrant during the day (never add sugar to the preparation, because the benefits would not be the same and would encourage dental problems, such as tooth decay);
  • Very useful for healing wounds, especially if there are scratches and abrasions;
  • It is a remedy to treat diarrhea. Water and lemon, in the presence of strong discharges of diarrhea, can even make them pass;
  • It is effective for lowering fever, even the very high. Try it if you have the influence of you or your loved one, adult or child;
  • It helps to hydrate the body. It is true that water is enough for this, but many people find it difficult to consume it every day in the right quantity, so the lemon, which gives it a more pleasant taste, can help in this way. And then he adds the many benefits already mentioned;
  • Very useful for rejuvenating the skin. Water and lemon have a fantastic effect on the skin, which makes it brighter and younger thanks to antioxidants, enemies of free radicals, one of the first causes of aging;
  • It is an effective remedy to fight the phlegm;
  • Helps to prevent cancer. Cancer cells love to grow and grow in an acidic environment, so the lemon, alkalizing the body, makes it more difficult “the way”;
  • Useful for reducing the desire for caffeine. Generally succeed in diminishing their spasmodic desire for coffee, only with a glass of warm water and lemon juice, which also has an “energizing” effect;
  • To make the awakening more healthy and sweet.

Drink lukewarm water and lemon juice in the morning: Useful tips

To fully benefit from the many virtues of lemon, it is essential to follow some precautions to keep the same intact and fully usable.

Here are our tips for drinking water and lemon in the morning:

  • Lemons must be consumed ripe and wax-free; the best ones to use are those from organic farming, not treated with chemicals of any kind.
  • The lemons must be squeezed and consumed immediately, very fresh, because it is the only way to prevent the contact with the air causes an impoverishment of its nutrients.
  • The water must be warm but not boiling as the boiling water can alter the beneficial properties of lemon juice.
  • Excessive use of lemon may be irritating to some individuals.
  • Although lemon is a natural remedy used to whiten teeth , the citric acid contained in it could, in the long run, damage (corrode) the enamel; taking water and lemon with a straw limits the contact with the teeth to the maximum;
  • Never add sugar in water and lemon, because the beneficial effects would not be equally effective and the calories would increase considerably (avoid, if you succeed, even sweeteners); if you want, you can sweeten with a touch of honey.
  • Drink a glass of water and lemon in the morning, while being a healthy habit and highly recommended to all, should not be followed every day uninterruptedly, but for periods to be determined based on the real needs of your body.

In this regard, the scheme to be kept in mind should be the following:

  • 7/10 days a month during periods when you are in good health and there are no problems;
  • For 21 days at the change of season;
  • Every other day in periods when you feel under stress and change of diet;
  • For 15 days at the beginning of any diet (increasing the lemon juice every day);
  • For 2/3 days up to 7 days after food abuses.

Contraindications of water and lemon

The consumption of water and lemon does not involve any particular contraindication, not even, generally, for those suffering from gastritis, ulcer, inflamed gums and pyorrhoea, to which the pure lemon juice is not recommended: dilution in water, “lightening” the natural acidity, makes it suitable for them too (although it should not be exceeded). The only real precautions are those listed in the previous paragraph.

Only a last and proper warning: do not use water and lemon to try to cure any specific disorder without first consulting a doctor. In the field of health, do-it-yourself is always discouraged and irresponsible.

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