How to cleanse the liver? Diet, advice and natural remedies

cleanse the liver

There is much talk of purifying diets, detoxifying diet regimens perhaps after the excesses of a weekend, but there is not much talk about how to cleanse the liver, an important gesture that should be done periodically.

Among all the organs of our body, the liver is definitely one of the most important. The liver is an anaphyramine extramural gland positioned below the diaphragm and located between this and the transverse colon and the stomach. It is the most voluminous gland in the human body.

Among its functions we mention …

  • Produce bile, essential for digestion;
  • Produces plasma proteins;
  • Regulates blood coagulation;
  • Regulates the levels of amino acids in the blood;
  • Cleanses the body of toxins.

The purification is one of the most important functions performed by the liver, in fact purifies about a liter and a half of blood per minute, freeing us from toxins, but not only: select waste materials, contributes to metabolism and transforms toxic substances into a harmless substance.

Very often, in truth, we do not pay due attention to it, stress, drugs, alcohol, excess protein and poor diet, weaken it and compromise its functions.

One of the most insidious problems we can encounter are the gallstones, which block the liver and impair the functioning of the liver and thus causing various disorders.

Without the important functions of the liver, our body could not work, which is why it is important to periodically cleanse the liver. If this detoxification does not take place, the liver is overwhelmed by toxins and undergoes so-called “liver stress”, which is self-toxic.

cleanse the liver

When should the liver be detoxified?

Through the blood tests, you can see any problems with the liver, so if a certain group of enzymes is higher this is a warning light of malfunctioning of our purifying body and therefore it is time to cleanse it.

How to cleanse the liver in a natural way

The first step to cleanse the liver is to observe our lifestyle and identify the causes …

  • Excessive consumption of industrial foods?
  • Drastic diets?
  • Too many drugs?
  • Pollution and excessive stress?

It is necessary to identify the causes, work to change the lifestyle and start detoxifying the liver with natural remedies.

Here are some tips to cleanse the liver …

  • Reduce calories for meals;
  • Eliminate alcohol;
  • Reduce fats;
  • Reduce salt;
  • To make movement in the open air;
  • Avoid refined sugars and carbohydrates;
  • Eliminate junk food and especially fried foods;
  • Avoid excess protein;
  • Reduce medications whenever possible;

Perhaps our grandmothers would have suggested us to drink a glass of olive oil to purify the liver, but in reality today we have discovered other foods and other substances and plants that perform the same function more effectively and lightly.

The main allies of the liver are …

  • Omega 3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin A

Enriching your diet with foods and supplements that contain them means helping our liver. In particular it would be good to take more antioxidant foods, which can counteract the action of free radicals, preventing oxidative stress of the liver.

Purifying foods to detoxify the liver

Here are some drinks and some foods to detoxify the liver: green tea, artichokes and milk thistle. As we have seen, omega3 is essential because it eliminates bad cholesterol and triglycerides while milk thistle contains silymarin which has regenerated effects and artichokes and green tea contain polyphenols and help bile secretion.

Essential to purify the liver is to drink at least 2 liters of water a day but above all to drink in the morning, a glass of warm water with a lemon squeezed in, this is a highly purifying drink that helps the liver to detoxify. Seeing is believing. However, if you find it difficult to ingest all this lemon juice, start with a glass of warm water and a teaspoon of lemon juice, then gradually increasing.

OK with cabbage, broccoli, onions, turnips, beets, radishes, chicory, watercress, rocket and beetroot. Sesame seeds and sunflower seeds are also very good. Go ahead also to legumes, cereals and green leafy vegetables that are rich in magnesium, essential to help the liver to eliminate toxins.

If you are wondering why beets, because they contain betaine very useful especially if we do not know how to moderate ourselves with alcohol and also helps bile to be more fluid.

Very important for detoxifying the liver are asparagus that contain a good amount of vitamin A, vitamin E and fiber and in this regard we also mention carrots and papayas.

Do not forget the eggs and peppers that are rich in sulfur, such as garlic and onions and therefore help the liver to purify.

Apples are great for preventing the onset of liver tumors.

We talked about lemon, rich in vitamin C and very purifying, but we also mention the oranges that stimulate the production of glutamine with which the body expels sulfonamides. Do not underestimate the grapefruit about vitamin C and antioxidants.

Then there are particular herbs allied to the liver: parsley, dandelion and gentian.

Example of depurative diet for the liver

In principle a purifying diet for the liver can be programmed as follows:

  • In the morning, fasting water and lemon, after half an hour breakfast with fruit and cereals like oats, preferring perhaps a soy milk instead of cow’s milk, all accompanied by a dandelion herbal tea;
  • Between a meal and another you can drink a centrifuged apple and drink plenty of water;
  • The lunch will consist of boiled rice and a portion of boiled or raw vegetables;
  • Snack with fruit;
  • In the evening blue fish or steamed salmon, accompanied by asparagus. Alternatively two hard-boiled eggs and steamed broccoli;
  • Dandelion or gentian tea before going to sleep.

Having available the table of ideal foods you just have to balance them to get a detox diet, preferably with the help of an expert.

What benefits are derived from liver purification?

In the first place nutrients are better assimilated, the intestine works better, we feel more energetic, the tissues are more oxygenated, the immune defenses react better, the digestion improves and the elimination of waste is more efficient.

Purifying the liver is essential for having a healthy life and keeping diseases away, trying to believe.

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