My boyfriend does not give me gifts

My boyfriend

My boyfriend-In general, girls talk in their friendship circles, their relationships, among other issues. They advise and also compare some boyfriends with others and usually the classic my boyfriend does not give me gifts arises.

Having a little retail partner, while the others receive affection, causes some insecurities. They start worrying about whether there is really love or if you have interest.

Is my relationship about to end if my boyfriend does not give me gifts?

my boyfriend

The first thing they should know is that people do not always tend to be as attentive and thoughtful as their partners expect. And this does not have to improve as the relationship progresses.

It is clear that not all men are equal and there are those who are attentive at every moment to surprise their my boyfriend. However, it does not mean that one is better than another, or feels more love. They are just different.

Not receiving a present for a Valentine’s Day is annoying, but it does not mean that the boy wants to end. At least, not always. The way to know the answer is to talk face to face with the couple and ask the truth.

He does not give me gifts and I would like to receive them

Generally, the girls like the couple to treat them on special dates or send them a nice gift. They are not waiting for luxurious items, but to feel important to them. A demonstration that they have it in mind at all times in their lives.

In the event that the groom does not have this habit, before becoming sad or feeling less than others, we must talk. Maybe, by telling them what they like or make them happy, change the situation. It is very likely that he has no idea what is happening and can reverse it immediately.

It is important to speak with the heart and frankly, but without making claims or exposing it with comparisons. No man likes reproaches, let alone reminds him of an ex.

My boyfriend does not give me gifts, but it’s always when I need it

Demonstrations of affection are not always a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates or the object they imagine. Some men never go to a store to buy a gift. But they show their love with other attitudes that can have much more value.

Assuming an official commitment and walking hand in hand with everyone with a big smile may be more affectionate than paying for a trip . That is, many times the acts are more important than the material they can offer.

The best gift that a couple can make is their presence in the hardest moments. A hug in silence, a right word and an active ear, are the highest proofs of your love. A woman must know how to value these gestures, before demanding any other detail.

It is no longer the same as at the beginning of the relationship

It happens frequently, that the couple change over time and are no longer as attentive as in the beginning. Before they prepared an appointment in advance, they surprised on a birthday and now everything changed. They become colder, clueless and even disinterested at times.

One of the possibilities is that they have achieved a level of comfort and security that they consider is no longer necessary to do more. It is a good time to talk with them and ask them to go back to the details. In fact, they fell in love with them.

Another option is that, in reality, you are in a parallel story and put your attention on that adventure. In the same way, it is necessary to dialogue and consult their motives. The truth hurts, but it is the best way to be happy later.


  • To be in a couple is to say that there is a link between two people. Then, everything that happens must be according to the priorities or desires of both. What happens around does not have to affect or influence your own story.
  • If others express themselves with gifts, it is not obligatory for their partner to do the same. They are two diverse relationships and imitations are no guarantee of any success.
  • In addition to talking about their expectations of the relationship, they must also lead by example.
  • If one shows up at all the time, maybe the other understands the message and gets infected.

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