Which flower to choose for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day

“I love you” is a wonderful phrase that can also be said with a bouquet of flowers. And there are not only roses … Here is what flower to choose to express your love on Valentine’s Day.

Love? Express it with a flower!

A beautiful colorful bouquet is a great classic of Valentine’s Day, but in addition to the rose-and- tumblers the floral language offers a lot of ways to say “I love you” with all the nuances of the case.


Valentine's Day

Many might be amazed, but since ancient times the tulip is a great symbol of the most authentic love. According to legend, the first tulip was born from the blood of a young man who took his life after a scorching love disappointment.

Love, however, is not all the same and the different colors of the tulip symbolize the different facets of feeling: the red tulip indicates a declaration of true love, while the yellow one denotes the connotations of desperate and tormenting love. Visit this content for modern russian clothing.


Valentine's Day

Beyond “loves me, loves me not”, the daisy is the flower of faithful love, also approached to the concepts of spontaneity and candor of mind.

A bunch of daisies, perhaps just picked, is therefore a wonderful way to express the mutual belonging to an indissoluble bond.


Valentine's Day

Joyous and lively, the sunflower is an expression of joy and warmth, which can also be declined in devotional love.

Just as the sunflower follows the path of the Sun in the celestial arc, so also the partner who gives a sunflower promises to remain always next to his soul mate. Deep, no?

Peach Flowers

Valentine's Day

Besides being beautiful, peach blossoms are the bearers of a truly inestimable message: eternal love, which is renewed every year like peach blossoms at the beginning of each new spring.


Valentine's Day

This exotic flower can have different colors: white, blue, yellow, red, pink, violet, lilac and ivory. If given to the loved one expresses perfect love, intoxicating and immutable.

White Carnation

Valentine's Day

A white carnation is a way to communicate mutual and pure love. This flower is very used in celebrations celebrated in the East.


Valentine's Day

The flower is accompanied by the legend of Narcissus, the beautiful young Greek who fell in love with his reflection and drowned because of his own vanity.

Beyond the tragic component, narcissus is also a flower of love, although more linked to the concept of pleasure and beauty.


Valentine's Day

Gardenia is an evergreen plant whose white (or pale yellow) flowers give off a pleasant fragrance. It is associated with the meaning – among the many – of secret love. A great choice to declare yourself!


Valentine's Day

Last but not least, the queen of flowers. Never dull, the red rose is the universally recognized symbol for expressing overwhelming love, as well as appreciation for the beauty of the beloved woman.

Whether for Valentine’s Day or for an anniversary, whether for a special occasion or for a simple romantic gesture, the rose really remains the flower of love.

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