How to prepare the newborn’s layette

newborns layette

If we had to pay attention to the order of the specialized shop or to the grandmothers, we would end up with the house full of overalls, sweaters and socks, which after a short time we will be forced to give away, because the baby grows very fast.

Certainly our little one needs so many things, and when he returns from the hospital, everything must be ready and in order, but without exaggerating, because he is facing a considerable expense.

The best thing is to buy a little at a time, choose garments of an extra size and above all privilege the quality of the materials. Here are some reasoned tips for preparing the newborn’s layette without losing your head.

The layette of the newborn: Indispensable clothing

Leaving aside the diapers, of which a large supply must be made, we immediately pass to the newborn’s layette that absolutely must not fail in the lay of the newborn.

newborn's layette

Body: More comfortable than t-shirts and safer, because they don’t raise and leave the back uncovered. It takes about 6 or 8 in cotton for the summer or in warm cotton for the winter. Better to avoid buttons or laces in the first few days so as not to risk irritation to the skin of the newborn, still very delicate;

Overalls for newborns: In chenille or light cotton for the summer, of plush cotton for the winter. It is best to avoid wool in contact with the skin, because this fabric is often treated with chemicals. Also in this case it will take around 6 or 8;

Sweaters: In cotton for the summer or plush cotton for the winter. The most comfortable garment to protect the newborn when he is held in his arms, both at home and outdoors. It will take about 3 or 4;

Socks: In cotton for all seasons, even if for the cold season they will be supplemented with wool shoes. You will need at least 6 pairs;

Bibs: Here you can indulge yourself, as they serve them in abundance. For convenience, those in solid colors are preferred: they are easier to remove from the stain;

Towels or Bathrobe: Some prefer the first, some the second, the important thing is that it is made of cotton. In the case of towels, at least 4 are needed, in the case of a bathrobe, two are enough. We remind you that those suitable for the newborn are made in a triangle, without sleeves, with only the hood;

Covers: Like the sweaters, they are used to cover the newborn well, when he wakes up at night for baby food or to keep him warm in the cradle or for the first walks. At least 3 or 4 are needed, as they often get dirty due to the regurgitation of milk.

To consider that if the baby is born in winter, you must also buy a minimum of two padded hoodies, footmuffs and grips for outdoor outings.

The clothes that should never be missing in the wardrobe of the unborn child, to be comfortable and protected are really numerous and the expenses to be faced are not few. It is therefore necessary to make very careful choices, always taking into consideration the quality of the materials for newborn’s layette, in order not to hurt the newborn, which in the first months is really very delicate.

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