Six scientific reasons why reading is good for children

reading is good for children

Someone does not think about it, but read stories and stories to their children, it’s scientific, it’s good for the whole family.

But what are the most interesting reasons for which it is good to read a story, a story, then move on to some small book and … oh I forgot, paper books, those with beautiful figures that help the imagination of children and not TV, tablets or cell phones that keep everyone’s attention for almost another half an hour from switching off and reduce reading ability.

And anyway, here they are …

1- It seems like a recent affirmation but reading … helps to get to sleep

Reading a book, before going to bed, facilitates and accelerates the soporific process (it happened to me as a mother to fall asleep). Slowly constructing the “good night” ritual by reading a story (if possible in a loud voice) causes sleep to be experienced by the child as a “gentle parenthesis” between the evening and the morning.

2- So reading helps relax

A search (always those that come from overseas) says that to reduce the stress is enough even 6 minutes of reading. We do not want to talk about stress and not necessarily so we have to relegate the habit of reading before sleep, but to think of cutting out other spaces to read a book together during the day cannot do well and overcome the six-minute pill I guarantee you it does not hurt.

reading is good for children

3- Reading helps to develop our brain

Staying glued to “undergo” a screen can reduce reading capacity by 20/30%, while the habit of reading paper books from early childhood allows our children to acquire 50 % more words than those that can learn from television or conversations between family members. I would not say much.

4- Reading helps empathy

If we read with a little emphasis the stories help our children to identify with the characters of the books cultivating and developing the emotional intelligence that makes us enter the part of the characters of the story, which is at the basis of the success of interpersonal relationships in the family and in life.

5- Read Brain Enhancement and Improve Memory

Acquire the habit of regularly reading memory. Reading is a mental exercise, in fact the pleasure of reading is not a natural pleasure (as it is natural eating, playing, moving etc.) but it is a cultural induced pleasure and therefore needs to be “exercised” in fair contexts and the right stimuli.

6- Reading is a positive and contagious disease

We parents can do a lot in this sense: not only recognizing the importance of reading (better if aloud) and showing respect for this activity, but supporting it also by giving good results: table the phone and turn off the TV and replace them with a good paper book. In this case the saying goes: facts, not words!

And if you want children readers, continue, perhaps less frequently, to read books for the entire duration of elementary schools, this will help them to become assiduous experts in fairy tales, stories and adventures.

In this way reading is good for children and the book remains for them a source of pleasure and relationship with you and not just a learning object.

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