10 tips for being a really special mom

Motherhood does not just mean raising a child, it is also about orienting it, loving it, respecting it and trusting it. Each of us aspires to perfection for the good of her children. But if perfect mothers do not exist, each of us can be a very special mother.

One of the many tasks of a mother is to educate her children. Precisely because it is usually from the mother that the child learns the first words and how to put them in order, we refer to the first language learned as the mother tongue. In general, the mother spends more time with her children than her father, making her the main teacher and the first source of discipline.

What does it mean to be a mother?

To be a mother, there is no need for a degree or experience. However, we must be realistic: no one is born ready to become a mother. Should you be scared of being a mother? No, because the experience of every woman, of every mother, is unique, personal and unparalleled. A mother, with or without a partner, biological or adoptive, will always be a mother.

“A mother is able to give everything without receiving anything. To love with all my heart without expecting anything in return. To invest everything in a project without calculating the profitability it will derive from its investment. A mother continues to trust her children even when everyone else has lost her. Thank you for being my mother “.

special mom


Being a really special mother goes beyond putting a life in the world. It requires many sleepless nights spent consuming the pillow in a suffocating embrace. It means an endless list of concerns; hours lost to run after their children; days, months and years spent looking for a way to disguise vegetables and fish. Endure the quarrels and tolerate, with all the patience of the world, the infinity of senseless circumstances that give us life.

Nowadays, educating children is one of the most difficult tasks facing parents. And, even if there are no magic formulas, there are some fundamental questions that we must handle with ease. You are never ready to start driving them.

Decalogue to be a really special mother

Here is a list of useful tips for raising your children well …

  • It is important to take care of themselves and then take care of them. If you are not well, this will affect the mood and even the health of the children.
  • Learn to manage stress and realize that you cannot be perfect in everything you do.
  • Do not allow the prejudices of others or people with good (or bad) intentions to tell you how you should live your life or how you should raise your child.
  • Learn to organize yourself to maximize the short time you have available.
  • Children need to feel secure regardless of the circumstances. They need to know that, despite the challenges of life, their mother will always be there for them. Improving trust between mother and children is essential. Furthermore, having self-confidence will help them to have productive and positive relationships with you and with others.
  • Be a good example as a mother, a woman and a friend for your children.
  • Since they are young, teach them principles and moral values.
  • Establish rules to be respected at home.
  • Patience first of all.
  • Think of an account to fund their studies or an insurance to be registered in their name and choose a trusted person to act as legal guardian. Put everything in writing, so that in the future there will not be an opportunist who takes advantage of your children.

The challenge of life is won by love

Children learn by imitation and mothers are an important presence in their lives. For this reason, behaving as we would like them to do is fundamental.

The most important task of mothers is to love their children unconditionally. However it is not enough to feel love, we must also prove it with facts, words and physical demonstrations of affection. A kiss, a hug and an “I love you” are essential to grow a self-confident, compassionate and valid human being, and a future loving father or mother.

To be a very special mother and triumph in the difficult task of leading a child for life requires character, authority, courage and a great sense of responsibility, without seeing the different situations as problems, but as a challenge of life. We are all of us, we can all become one.

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