How to buy a column radiator

The beauty of a column radiator is that they combine a classic design that is well engineered, all of which makes heating your home really easy. We’re currently seeing a great trend for the column radiator, so here we are going to explore how you can buy one for your home.

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Column radiators feature vertical tubes connected at the bottom and top of the sections along the radiator. You can choose from a variety of depths for your column radiator to allow for different heat outputs suited to the space.

Consider the material

Usually a column radiator will be made from steel. This means they are completely protected from any corrosion. A column radiator will have a paint finish to ensure they last for many years to come.

Think about the mounting

There are multiple different ways you can mount column radiators. The top three choices are explained below.

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– Wall mounted: These radiators are fitted to the wall using a mounting bracket. The brackets are secure, clamping the back tubes of the radiator which then nests into the wall. This means the workings of the radiator are well hidden, bringing a pleasing look to your home.

– Support feet: Cast support feet are another popular option for a column radiator. These are usually used when the radiator is on the larger side or is heavier than usual. Support feet ensure that there will be no problems with the quality and strength of a wall bracket. Radiator feet add a really traditional look to your home as they take their design from the old iron radiators.

– Free standing feet: Slip-on feet have been an upward trend with column radiators. These are just like the support feet, as you can secure them onto the floor.

The colour and finish

Usually a column radiator will be finished with a paint treatment. This powder coating is really durable and adds a smooth surface that is great against any sort of corrosion, whilst also providing a great heat output. Together, this combines into an attractive look for your column radiator.

Currently the most popular finish and colour for a column radiator is a glossy white. However, you can also purchase radiators in variations of black and grey with different surface textures.

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