Hi, I am Russell Chowdhury; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor, and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety.

men’s accessories

Underrated men’s accessories

As much as us women love fashion and the variety and the time that gets put into it, men will probably find themselves a little overwhelmed by all of that. However, men’s fashion has its own charm and once you get into it, you’ll love it. But the most important thing about fashion is knowing…

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What is the Passover?

Of all the many religious observances of the Jewish faith, the Passover represents the most important and the most revered and commemorated. Why is this so? The reason lies within the story of the Passover and the history of the Jews themselves. It’s why the need for symbolic Seder Plates, like those from are…

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A pharmacist: Career profile

Have you ever considered a career in pharmacy? Check out the information below to find out more. Pharmacy is a fast-growing and exciting area of healthcare. Pharmacists are experts in medicine and work to advise and dispense medication in various settings, both for the NHS and privately. Image credit Individuals who choose pharmacy as a…

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Staying Social When you are Retired

When you retire, many of the changes in lifestyle can make it harder to stay social. Having an active social life is more important for some people than for others, but having social contact is important and is something that helps you to stay mentally well and also keeps your brain active. Because you are…

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Emergency Services Day

Every September in the UK, we celebrate the incredible work of our emergency services including the police, coastguard, fire and rescue and emergency medical services. Emergency response vehicles are designed to be clearly visible and equipped with sirens to warn motorists of their presence. For more information on the Chapter 8 Chevrons applied to response…

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