Indoor hobbies and past-times you can do sitting down

Many older people are confined to their homes or find outdoor activities to strenuous and difficult.  This is when a hobby or past-time that can be completed sitting down in the comfort of their own homes is preferable.  Cross-stitch or sewing is something that a lot of ladies find therapeutic and enjoyable.  You can get lots of different patterns to follow from a simple name to an elaborate country-side scene.  This type of hobby could save you some money at Christmas and birthdays as you could stitch something personal and put a family name or favourite pet on a picture or quilt etc.

Colouring intricate pictures is becoming more and more popular not just with older people but with children as well. Scientific research has shown that concentrating on a colour by number picture or just using your imagination to fill in a stunning pattern can help you to de-stress.  Most book shops or stationers sell a great range of reasonably priced book options as well as a selection of crayons.  Using your imagination and focusing on the art work will visibly help you to relax and allow you to concentrate on the picture and the beautiful colours.

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Learn creative writing or maybe just get in touch with some old friends by writing them a letter or sending them a thinking of you card.  Many of these types of hobbies are carried out while you sit comfortably at home on a chair or sofa.  If you had a couple of Cat Lap trays to use on your knees while you finished your particular past-time it would be a lot easier.

Jigsaw puzzles, cross words, logic games like Sudoku and word quizzes, all types of activities that can be completed using a lap tray and sitting in the comfort of your home in your favourite chair. With all these different kinds of hobbies you will need somewhere to store them so why not try a useful area of your property by installing Garage Shelving at websites like  Using a laptop or similar device is ideal for putting on a lap tray or small table so you can complete your activity comfortably.  Maybe start a blog, you could end up with thousands of followers, raise awareness of a cause that’s close to your heart or just report about a function or event that’s collecting money for charity.

Make a small replica model of something, like an aeroplane, car or motorbike, most starter kits that you can buy come complete with everything you might need.  You can even paint the finished item and display it when it’s complete.  A whole plethora of past-times and hobby options to choose from and all from the comfort of your own home.

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