When James Bond got stuck in a pipe.

Pipes feature in two key scenes in James Bond. Usually you would imagine he would be smoking a pipe but in these cases James Bond was actually involved in pipework. In both cases the need for some decent Pipe protectors was certainly a requirement. What were the two famous scenes?

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The first is from Diamonds are Forever. Bond is in the USA hot on the trail of some Diamond thieves who are secretly using them to build a laser. Mr Wink and Mr Kidd decide to put a stop to Mr Bonds investigation but rather than just shoot him they knock him out and stick him in a large plastic water pipe. This is then buried and Bond wakes up looking at a Rat. A device to clean the pipes comes along and Bond breaks it then waits for the crew to come along so he can leave. They should have used Pipe Protectors from Meterbox.

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The second time a pipe has been featured prominently is in The Living Daylights. Here a defecting Russian spy needs to be smuggled out of Austria very quickly. They stick him in a pneumatic powered pipe and fire him in a  canister straight to West Germany. Job done.

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