How to build a good intimacy in the family

intimacy in the family

Intimacy within the family plays a very important role. In fact, it is able to give the ideal conditions to grow our children healthy and in harmony; without forgetting that only through the rediscovery of a precious family intimacy can we, our parents, close the door to the stressful events of everyday life, allowing us to satisfy our needs and finally rediscover ourselves.

If intimacy is the sphere of sentiments and feelings most jealously guarded – that feeling at home, free not to invest roles and simply in harmony with those who love us – you can understand how important this can be for our families. Only when we are able to make room for feelings and real needs can we truly enjoy that precious ray of happy life, in its most complete simplicity and in its irremediably imperfect being.

Advice for a good intimacy in the family

intimacy in the family

If you are together with your children, try, as far as you can, not to think about the problems of work or the negativity that surrounds you and focus on what you have, on the preciousness of your children, on the moment you are living and on the wealth you will derive if you will be able to spend a peaceful time with your family.

Know how to recreate the right atmosphere, throw cushions on the ground to make it easier and more familiar to be together, do not be afraid to put the house in a mess.

Be present in what you do, do not be distracted by telephones, televisions or anything else.

Remind your children that they are part of a group: this union will make them able to fight together for what they believe in. No one should feel alone or excluded, regardless of age, ability or predisposition. Everyone must feel important in the same way.

Rediscover the importance of contact. A caress, a kiss or simply a hand on the shoulder can give that feeling of belonging, of love and well-being that every individual secretly preserves as a vital need for his existence.

Do not let too much time pass from a moment of intimacy to another. You do not need objects, just rediscover the joy of small things: cooking together, admiring a sunset, a flock of migrating birds, the stars of the sky … nature never ceases to provide us with formidable opportunities to increase harmony and satisfy our need for feel good together.

Finally, have fun trying to return children, let yourself go: know how to dance, laugh and joke like when you were little, allow the joy of your children to enter your lives … and will be Fullness, Encounter, Harmony and infinite intimacy.

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