11 special fitness gifts for Mother’s Day

fitness gifts

The first weekend of May we celebrate, as every year, Mother’s Day. If this year you want to give your mother health to celebrate your day, we leave you 11 ideas that are perfect for them. Happy day for all!

Fitbit Versa Lite

Gifts for Mothers Day

If you are looking for a gift that technology and sports at a good price, the new Fitbit Versa Lite may be a good choice. It is designed for those people who do physical exercise, but do not need a high-end watch, and includes women’s health apps to control the menstrual cycle. Eye to your design, with new colors very vibrant and eye-catching.

Yoga mat or Pilates

Gifts for Mothers Day

For lovers of these body-mind disciplines, a new practice at home or in the gym is always a good gift. Find one that is easy to clean, with hypoallergenic fabric and that is also easy to transport, to be able to take anywhere.

Reebok Pure Move Bra

Gifts for Mothers Day

We often do not give the importance they deserve to sports bras, when they really are an essential part of our outfitto practice sports in a comfortable and safe way, especially when we talk about high impact activities such as running or the CrossFit. This Reebok model has very comfortable cups and compression fabric to control the rebound.

Garmin Vivosmart 4

Gifts for Mothers Day

If instead of a watch your mother is more than quantifying bracelets, Garmin’s Vivosmart 4 model is a good choice. The design is very fine, with the necessary information on screen about our daily physical activity. It also includes an integrated heart rate sensor and a stress meter, to know at what level we are throughout the day.

Adidas UltraBoost 19

Gifts for Mothers Day

For mothers runners who are preparing a career in the medium or long term, the new Adidas shoes are a great gift. A super lightweight model with Boost technology in the midsole, for greater comfort and reactivity. Ideal for long runs at medium and soft rhythms.


Gifts for Mothers Day

If your mother prefers to train at home, or wants to start doing it now, a good gift to encourage her can be a fitball. The fitball or Swiss ball helps us to work our stability, to get more difficulty in some movements (such as glute bridge with legs on fitball, for example) or to facilitate others (such as isometric squats on the wall ). A very versatile accessory that makes our training more varied and fun.

Nike Dri-Fit power tights

Gifts for Mothers Day

Designed specifically for medium or low intensity training, these tights have great breathability and allow great freedom of movement. The detail of the openings in the sides give it a modern touch.

Polar M200

Gifts for Mothers Day

One more gift for mothers runners who are looking for a specific clock to race with the necessary to measure daily physical activity and workouts. With optical heart rate monitor integrated in the wrist, GPS to monitor the route and specific training programs for 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers, half marathon and marathon.

Yoga wheel

Gifts for Mothers Day

A very useful accessory if we practice Yoga, since it can help us to facilitate some postures, such as those that require a large extension of the spine, or to give greater difficulty to others, since it can help us to include a bit of instability. We can find the Yoga Wheel or Yoga wheel in different materials, from plastic (covered with a rubber layer so it is non-slip) to wood.

Puma Cosmic training gloves

Gifts for Mothers Day

When it comes to taking care of your hands during training, especially if you train in a room, gloves can be a good accessory. It is true that we are going to lose some proprioception when using them, but they help us protect the skin and avoid the dreaded calluses and hardnesses. Look for gloves that are breathable, that have reinforcement in the palm area and that are comfortable.

Foam roller Trigger Point

Gifts for Mothers Day

Perfect for a small myofascial massage before or after training. Before this it helps us improve our circulation and prepare us for the effort. After the same, it helps us to accelerate the recovery and to some extent avoid the terrible stiffness. One of our indispensable accessories.

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