Benefits of an educational website

Here are some of the advantages of creating your school website.

Make a good first impression

Parents and prospective students will browse your website for information about your academic programmes, extracurriculars, awards, etc. You can increase enrollment by giving prospective students and parents a good first impression about your school.

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Parents and students should be informed

As a way to inform parents, teachers and students about important events and announcements like PTA evenings, schools often include them on their websites. School members are busy and appreciate the convenience of online updates, notifications, and calendars. For help with Websites for schools, go to

Easy administration

School websites, with their incredible web design capabilities, can streamline administrative processes and eliminate paper. Teachers can post grades, assign homework and even conduct exams online. Parents can register, pay fees and enroll using convenient forms.

How to create a school web page

School website design should strike the perfect balance between professionalism, functionality and aesthetic appeal. Your website should reflect your school’s spirit and values with appealing visual elements. It should also be easy to navigate and informative.

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Professionalism is key

Visitors of all technological-abilities will appreciate a user-friendly site that brings them directly to the information they need. Students and parents should be able to easily navigate your school’s website.

Include a navigation menu on your website that describes the sections and information you will find in each. This will help parents, students and staff to easily find the information they are looking for.

Clear language, strong calls-to-action and visual hierarchy are other web design tips to enhance the professional appearance of your school’s website.

Add high-quality images and videos

Photos and videos of classrooms, students and events are essential to showcasing the achievements of your school. You can add a slideshow or a gallery, or incorporate images into your background. Remember: you must get parental permission before posting images of children on the internet.

Include a calendar for events

The sheer amount of annual school events can be overwhelming, especially for working parents with tight schedules. A school calendar allows all members of the school to easily access your schedule for the academic year. You can sync it with Google Calendars or any other online calendar to send parents reminders before an event, and increase attendance.

Mobile friendly

The majority of people browse the web on their smartphones, so ensure that your school’s website is mobile-friendly. It’s easier than ever to design mobile-friendly websites, which can improve the performance of your site. It will also enhance your visitors’ experience.