Buying your First Home together?

Once you’ve made the momentous decision to buy your first home together then you need to start planning!  You’ve pooled your finances together and you think you have enough for a decent deposit. Look at your joint earnings and discuss with several mortgage lenders what your purchasing limits should be.  Never over extend yourselves financially, there are lots of other bills you will need to take care of once you own your own home.  Insurances, Poll Tax, utilities, gas, electric, water, food and day to day essentials all take money so make sure you have enough to cover any eventuality.  You may need to replace or repair essential heating elements in your new home and a company like  could provide you with a Boiler Installation Gloucestershire.

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Decide on an area that you want to settle in, somewhere close to work, family and friends would be ideal.  Once you have a set budget for your new property, start looking, when you’ve had a viewing and you both LOVE it then it’s time to get serious!  Go back to the mortgage lenders and get an offer and agreement in principle, take a second/third visit to the house and make the vendors an offer. Once the offer has been accepted you can finalise the mortgage with your chosen lender.  Approach a recommended Solicitors and start the long, slow process of exchanging the house deeds and paying the money, once that’s all done the house is yours!

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