Four of the six closest friends around

The comedy series Friends is probably one of the most well liked sitcoms of all time. So much so in fact that all of the episodes are now available to watch on Netflix with people regularly streaming their favourite episodes whilst sitting down with their drink of choice after a long day at work.  It may be a work of fiction but many people can identify with the characters and the closeness of the group of friends. In fact moving to be closer to family and friends is one of the main reasons that people use a Gloucester Estate Agents such as to relocate.

Each of the characters are so beautiful portrayed and you really start to invest in them and their lives.

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Monica for example is an incredibly complex character who spends most of her life desperately trying to gain the approval of her parents. Having battled with her weight in her younger years she took to cooking as a way to try and lose the weight and be healthier in her food choices. It also became a way to show her love for her friends and family through the food that she would cook for them. When she finally achieves her dream job of working in a high profile restaurant she matures even more as a person and as a chef and starts to seek other people’s approval just a little bit less.

Her male equivalent is Chandler, another deeply troubled character who is also run away from some of the wounds of his past. Instead of using food like Monica, Chandler uses humour to mask his feelings and as an attempt to make his friends appreciate him. It is not until much later on in the series that he realises that his friends love him for who he not for his jokes and wit. It is no surprise then that Monica and Chandler are a couple that are destined to be together.

Rachel comes from a whole different social standing to the rest of the group. The daughter of a doctor she came from a very wealthy and well to do family, but she decides to shun that life in favour of moving in with Monica in a bid to stand on her own and support herself whilst finding out who she really is and what she enjoys and wants to achieve in life.

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Ross is the uptight Palaeontologist who is madly in love with Rachel and has been since they were in school. His character is one that on occasion you feel incredibly sorry for as he desperately just wants to meet the right person and be happy but unfortunately his personality sometimes gets in the way. However, when things are tough he is the first one to help his other friends.

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