How rugby is tackling children’s developmental issues

Many parents of children with developmental issues find it difficult to choose a sport for their child that will help them with their needs. The last sport you might think of to help with any sort of occupational therapy could be rugby; however, a brand new concept for rugby has shown that the game can really help children with special needs.

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How it is helping

Using rugby training drills, the game is now being played to help children who have special needs. Occupational therapy methods are incorporated into the game to give children with autism, sensory processing difficulties, ADHD and anxiety much more support. Children who suffer from these problems tend to find it difficult to be involved in team sports; therefore, the new therapy programme that focuses on the needs of these children gives them a great outlet for any emotional and physical needs they have.

Great for children

Children who are now playing occupational therapy rugby have shown a lot of development in a short amount of time. They have increased confidence and coordination and are taking huge leaps in growth and development using this new and unique method of playing rugby. The children with sensory processing difficulties often find that their social skills are challenged with sports; however, developing their social skills in this setting means they learn the right calming input for their senses.

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A great way to get your child to become interested in playing rugby is to start off with rugby training drills. Lots of rugby training drills are found online at Sportplan and other resources.

The sport is an easy way for children with developmental issues to develop their social skills, which they may find challenging in other environments. It is also beneficial for sensory problems. A lot of children who have developmental problems don’t succeed in sports; however, using occupational therapy rugby means they can be a part of a team whilst building the skills they find more difficult.

Not only are the children benefiting from the game but also families are seeing the positive outcomes of occupational therapy rugby. Sharing experiences with other children and parents in the same situation means there is a much-needed support network for adults and children alike, making rugby a great choice for children with developmental issues.


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