The Benefits of Using Wood Fired Ovens When Cooking Pizza

If you taste Italian cuisine, you can bet that pizza is one of them. Wood-fired pizza restaurants offer a variety of pizza products with distinct flavors. They even intend to introduce new varieties into the market to meet pizza lovers’ expectations. When making pizza, most restaurants use electric ovens. Therefore, you should get yourself the best pizza oven wood for more flavor. Wood ovens have become a popular choice for pizza making in recent years due to some advantages. Furthermore, they play an important role in significantly improving food flavor by addressing essential needs.

Multiple Cooking Methods

A wood-fired oven requires varying amounts of wood. Lower temperatures don’t require as much wood as higher temperatures. The amount of wood you need depends on the dough you’re using and the temperature at which you make the pizza. A wood-fired oven that reaches 700 degrees Fahrenheit requires a log that’s 16 inches long and four inches in diameter. The wood used for high-temperature cooking should be seasoned and approximately one inch thick.

Unique Flavor

If you’ve ever tried cooking with wood, you know that it gives your pizza a different flavor than other types of wood. While you don’t need smoking wood for pizza, the smokey flavor gives it a distinct taste. You can use wood chips, kindling, or logs that have been kiln-dried for added flavor and aroma. While there are several different kinds of wood available, you’ll want to stick to the best quality for the flavor of your pizza.

Maple wood gives your pizza a sweet and smoky flavor that pairs well with white meat toppings. It’s a great choice for those who want an extra-special taste. Maple wood also caramelizes vegetables and works well with poultry and pork. Maple wood also offers excellent heat capacity. If you’re in the mood for something milder, you may want to try using cherrywood or applewood instead.

Long Lifespan

If you are planning to start cooking pizza at home, choosing the best wood for your oven is essential. The wrong type can not only ruin your pizza oven but also create a thick cloud of smoke. Instead, choose only well-seasoned wood with a high density. Different types of trees produce different amounts of scent chemicals, sap, and moisture. Therefore, they burn at different rates and produce varying temperatures and smoke. Ideally, you should select wood that burns slowly and doesn’t produce a lot of smoke.

You can always purchase chunks locally if you are unsure what wood to use. Usually, hardwoods like hickory are best for pizzas because they burn at high temperatures and have low moisture content. For flavor, you can also try pecan wood. It is an earthy, slightly sweet wood. Hardwoods are the best choice for your pizza oven because they are dense enough to retain heat and produce a long lifespan.

Easy to Use

If you have a home pizza oven, the key to the perfect pie is using the right wood. The ideal wood is hardwood, such as oak, maple, hickory, ash, or sycamore. These woods should be free of pesticides, fungi, and other chemicals. You can also use woodchips or wood pellets as fuel. However, woodchips or pellets won’t give your oven the same BTUs as firewood. Therefore, you should only use them in addition to firewood if it meets certain conditions.

There are wide varieties of maple, including sugar maple, black maple, and mesquite. While all these types burn hot, the most desirable ones are “soft maples,” such as boxelder and black maple. Applewood is a popular option in pizza ovens, thanks to its high heat value, rich aroma, and sweet taste. Of course, if you don’t want to buy special wood for your oven, you can always use a common applewood.