What were the most popular TV series over the last few years?

Long-time fan favourites like Game of Thrones and new shows such as Westworld have gone head to head for a number of years now. Parrot Analytics looked at ratings, social media chatter and peer-to-peer sharing to determine demand expressions for each show and see which came out on top.

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1. Game of Thrones

It’s no surprise that the HBO show based on novels by George RR Martin was the most popular. There were 7.2 million demand expressions each day with viewers eager to find out what happened to Jon Snow. Now the final show has aired many people are eagerly anticipating the show rumour prequel that is currently in production.

2. The Walking Dead

Viewers were shocked, outraged and hooked with the Season 7 opening episode, where we learned who was on the receiving end of Lucille. Social media blew up and everyone was talking about it with 4.7 million expressions per day.

3. Pretty Little Liars

The series finale aired in October 2016, and with 3.8 million demand expressions per day, the show’s dedicated following tuned in in their droves.

4. Westworld

HBO’s Westworld appeared on our screens a few years ago. The show had 3.5 million demand expressions per day whilst viewers were shocked at each twist and turn the plot had to offer.

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5. The Flash

With 3.1 million demand expressions per day, The Flash quickly became one of the most popular DC Comics superheroes to grace the small screen.

Other shows which were popular included long-running comedy, ‘The Big Bang Theory’, legal drama ‘Suits’ and DC Comic faithful, ‘Arrow’. In a list made up of predominantly American TV shows, Korea’s game show, ‘Running Man’ came in at number nine whilst the top anime series, ‘One Piece’ made number 14.

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So sit back, get the popcorn and catch up or tune in.

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