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The 1996 film ‘Matilda’ is always a family favourite. The story, produced by Danny Devito who also stars in the film, is based on a book written by British writer Rohl Dahl and stars the famous actress Mara Wilson.

Matilda is a young girl who is not appreciated by her parents and older brother. She is an extremely bright and clever girl who starts school at a late age of 6. The principal of the school, Miss Trunchball, is a bad-tempered, mean lady who has taken a hatred towards Matilda. However, she finds friendship in her classmates and has a special bond with her teacher, Miss Honey.

Throughout the course of the film the audience are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions, from laughter and joy to anger towards Miss Trunchball and sympathy for Matilda. The audience are then given a plot twist as it is revealed that Miss Trunchball is an auntie to Miss Honey. When Miss Honey’s father passed away, there should’ve been a transfer of equity of their family home to Miss Honey, but Miss Trunchball had forged papers which meant she had gotten their huge family manor.

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Throughout the film the audience also learn that Matilda has special kinetic powers which helps her sabotage Miss Trunchball. She also helps Miss Honey rightfully regain her family home, and the film ends on a happy note when Miss Honey ends up adopting Matilda.

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