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All the fun of the fair, traditional favourite rides for all the family, including the Carousel, with its brightly coloured horses decorated with ribbons.  Also called the Merry-Go-Round, the old-fashioned music that accompanied the ride was widely known and loved by many.  For almost one hundred and fifty years the Carousel was the main centre piece of any fair.

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The Dodgems, probably all the boys favourite ride, involved crashing into other cars without the danger of being killed and was difficult to pass by. The drivers Operator chair used a seat belt much like in a real car.  The ride consisted of several small electric cars being driven around randomly, bumping into each other and trying to dodge out of the way if another car tried to crash into you.

The Waltzer, was certainly nothing like the calm, sedate dance called the Waltz!  This circular ride spun its occupants wildly, revolving around an undulating track sending the terrified riders on a crazy, cavorting, adrenaline filled experience. The riders sat in chairs shaped like tubs and they were able to turn around slowly or quickly when propelled by the operator.

The Octopus, given its name simply due to the eight radial arms that each had a two-seater car attached to it.  This ride was able to move each arm separately, up and down as well spin the cars around very quickly, proving to be an exciting, popular attraction to any fair.

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