How to spend 30 Million Dollars in a Month.

One of the most fun and recurring themes in films is that of the legacy clause to get a huge fortune. The general premise is that a rich relative that you previously had no idea about has decided to leave you a load of money, the only trouble is you have to do something crazy to inherit it. In reality such clauses that may lead you to do something unlawful or detrimental to you and/or others lives is not allowed. Making a Will is a seriously business and if you need wills and probate Cheltenham way then you should seek out companies like to help you.

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One of the best examples is that of Brewster’s Millions and the best adaption of the story is the 1985 film of the same name starring Richard Prior and John Candy. Unbeknownst to Monty Brewster, a failed baseball pitcher in the minor leagues his Great uncle has recently died and, as his only living relative he has been left the old man’s fortune of $300 million Dollars. However, there is a catch. He has to spend $30 million dollars in 30 days to get it or he can walk away now with one million dollars. In addition he cannot tell anyone what he is doing, including his best friend and the paralegal assigned to track his spending. He must only own what he has at the start (which is nothing much but the clothes on his back) with no assets or money. The real difficulty is that he must also not get any value from the people that he hires to work for him. The challenge appeals to Monty and he takes it on.

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If Monty fails he gets nothing and the law firm gets the cash in the form of a fee, which is considerable, with the rest divided up amongst charities. For Monty this is initially heaven. He has never had any money other than a paltry salary and he immediately starts spending it by hiring out expensive restaurants and taking an entire New York street out for lunch. He hires idiots who do meaningless jobs on ridiculous salaries, starts to invest in stupid business schemes and betting on longshots that have no hope of winning. His best move is to by a rare stamp worth fortune, technically an asset that he then uses as a stamp to send to the law firm rendering it worthless.

Unfortunately the bets come off and the hare-brained enterprise invested in actually makes money. He decides to enter the race for Mayor but as the job carries a salary he ploughs all his cash into supporting the “none of the above option” proving how much money it takes to be successful in USA politics. He also hires the New York Yankees to play his minor league team in an exhibition match.

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