Why a real tree is the real deal this Christmas

One of the most important parts of the Christmas tradition is the decision on what type of tree you will install this year. Real or artificial? While having an artificial tree is understandable for those who do not want to deal with needles and the disposal of real trees – you truly cannot beat a real Christmas tree and this is why:

It’s much more fun

Buying a fake tree is nowhere near as exciting or as magical. You do not really know what you’re getting until you take it out of the box and it can be disappointing to find that it’s somewhat flattened and dishevelled when unloaded. Shopping for a real tree is a special experience as you peruse all the stunning full and fragrant tree varieties to choose from. You also can see exactly what you’re getting before making a purchase.

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You just cannot beat the fresh scent of pine that permeates your home when you have a real tree. Scientific studies have also found that the smell of pine has a positive effect on the brain. Refreshing aroma is thought to relieve stress, depression and anxiety. For a Real Christmas Tree Leicestershire, visit a site like https://www.welfordchristmastreefarm.co.uk

More fun decor

Artificial trees have a more regular shape which can make the decor a bit boring. A real tree though will test your creativity as nature does not often offer a uniform shape or exactly the same number of branches on each side. Decorating a real tree is a far more satisfying and creative activity.

Great aesthetics

A real tree has a look that fake trees try to emulate but can never quite match. A real tree looks fantastic, so if you’re looking for a visually stunning, traditional Christmas, you cannot go wrong with a real tree in your home this year.

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Good for your health

Being surrounded by nature is markedly better for the wellbeing than an artificial environment. Studies have found that people recover faster from fatigue and stress when exposed to the natural environment as opposed to an artificial one. Plants in the workplace have been shown to enhance creativity and positivity so the same effect can be felt in your home. Green and fresh scents are also life-affirming as many trees and plants die in winter.

Better for the environment

Real trees are more sustainable. There is a huge market for real trees with 95% of the demand being for Nordmann Firs. As trees are planted for a particular purpose, no deforestation occurs. In fact, millions of trees are planted every year. Trees improve the atmosphere and reduce our carbon footprint. Buying a real tree to help your local economy and the environment has a lower carbon footprint than choosing an artificial one. A large artificial tree has twice the footprint of a real tree if it ends up in landfill and ten times the carbon footprint if it gets burnt.