How to Treat Minor Burns

Minor burns can be treated with first aid by applying cold water for a minimum of 20 minutes before applying a moisturizing lotion, such as petroleum jelly or aloe vera gel. You can also apply an antibiotic ointment or cream. Make sure to wrap the burn well to avoid contact with other surfaces and avoid rubbing. You can also take an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as paracetamol, to help with the pain. You can also use a bandage or non-stick gauze to keep the burn clean and protected.

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Burns are injuries to the skin that can cause infection or other complications. Minor burns will generally heal on their own, but severe burns will need medical attention. Minor burns may also blister and cause pain. If not treated promptly, they may lead to scarring or infection. It’s best to consult a doctor if you’re not sure of what caused the burn. If the burn was caused by a hot object, you should stop it as quickly as possible to prevent further damage or infection. To find out how to treat minor injuries, consider Emergency First Aid Training Courses by visiting

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The first step in treating minor burns is to avoid breaking blisters. If a blister forms, the burn should be cleaned thoroughly. A hypodermic needle or sterile scissors can be used to remove dead skin. You should also avoid popping blisters as this can lead to infection. If the blister is large, it may be necessary to remove it. Make sure to monitor the burn daily for signs of infection.


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