Four steps to avoid a couple crisis

couple crisis

In this article we offer some practical tips to avoid a couple crisis effectively. Although sentimental relationships are one of the most important aspects in the life of every person, one’s own is not always as harmonious as one would like. Routines, differences of opinion, habits or certain behaviors can wear down the bond. Once it seemed perfect, yet today everything has changed. But how is it possible to avoid a couple crisis?

Learning to manage conflicts and problem situations is fundamental to the emotional health of the couple. Knowing how to act and trying to foster positive comparisons and interactions, to overcome negative ones, is the solution to make us and our partners happy. After all, the purpose of a love affair is precisely to bring something positive, to add happiness to life, making it more complete and peaceful. Avoiding a couple crisis means being able to re-establish this emotional balance, day after day.

To help you in this, we indicate some warning signs that could indicate the beginning of a couple crisis and some strategies to combat it.

Alarm signals in a couple relationship

Maintaining a relationship in which unhappiness predominates causes both physical and mental exhaustion. The malaise one experiences, in fact, exposes the members of the couple to a state of prolonged stress. The result? You will be much more irascible, vulnerable and tense. How to understand if you are falling into a phase of crisis? What happen? Is it something passing or is it the prologue to the end of your love?

Although, in general, we are able on our own to recognize a slip of the relationship, there are certain behaviors that are understood as true warning signs. As the continuous discussions, the continuous criticisms, the malaise and a certain dislike … All symptoms that indicate that it is necessary to act. There may even be others, even worse ones, such as contempt and defensive and evasive attitudes that are much more obvious. It is therefore advisable to always be attentive to the state of your relationship.

If the problem is solved in time, these issues will be easier to channel and maintain: you must prevent stress and discomfort from building up. Postponing the resolution of the problem is the worst thing you can do if you want to avoid a couple crisis. Otherwise, in fact, there will be a constant increase in complications, and in the long term.

couple crisis

Is it possible to avoid a couple crisis?

When we are immersed in a negative dynamic, we may not be able to find a way out and choose to end the relationship. We may feel identified with some of the following situations:

  • We believe that the problems are too serious to find a solution.
  • We believe that talking is no longer useful, it’s not worth it and it’s a waste of time.
  • We are increasingly separated, excluding each other.
  • It feels lonely.
  • A third person appeared who endangered the relationship.

These scenarios are more common than they may seem. If one or more of these are part of your routine, remember that it does not mean that it is definitive. The important thing is that both of you are willing to fight for the relationship and find the desire, the patience and the will to do it. So let’s see how to overcome these crises by following 4 practical tips.

Four tips to avoid a couple crisis

1- Increase positive moments

According to some studies, a healthy and happy couple usually experiences a negative interaction on five positive. If you find that in your relationship there are more problems than pleasant moments, it is your job to reverse this proportion. To do this, remember that both of you are “in the same boat” and that your partner is not an enemy, but a teammate with whom to “row” together, even upstream if it is necessary to avoid the couple crisis.

Organize a pleasant evening, have a satisfying sexual relationship, take a trip out of town on the weekend … There are many ways to build new positive memories.

2- Speak and listen

Speaking is always a great donut lifesaver for every couple. Sharing the concerns of everyday life is essential to making the partners feel united.

One must listen to the other, show interest and focus on what he says, in a sincere way. It is about realizing an authentic and direct exchange, without masks or lies, in which the emotional connection flows.

3- Celebrate small successes

Celebrations always light up the day. If you notice that your partner regains serenity and seems happier, why not celebrate it? Give him a prize for his effort. You can organize something you both like, like a special trip, a candlelit dinner in your favorite restaurant or simply relax in your living room with a good wine.

4- Make important decisions together

Building a life “apart”, excluding the other from certain decisions is a clear signal of crisis. That’s why it would be good to get used to acting as a team. This will increase confidence and it will be easier to take joint roads.

Avoiding a couple crisis requires commitment and work, but it is possible if you wish. If you and your partner want to be together, you will eventually make it. To get started, we advise you to put these tips into practice and, if this is not enough, it may be useful to consult a professional who specializes in the subject.

The secret is to experiment all the necessary approaches to recover the passion and the magic of the past.

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