Why we love to shop

For some of us shopping is a weekly event, either to buy much-needed groceries or a fun trip to the clothing store.

Although not all of us get a thrill from shopping, there are things about the activity that even the most reluctant consumer can agree is pleasurable.

We love to spoil special people

What better way to thank someone than to find something they will enjoy and get it for them? It’s not about cost, it’s about caring for those we love. We all have so many people who do extraordinary things for us, when you find yourself wanting to treat them, you will tend to buy something good for them. The pleasure of shopping for someone you care about is such a feel-good activity.

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Buying things can often involve relationships with others in many different forms. Our motivation for virtually all we buy has to do with our dealings and connections with other humans. Even when it comes to practical purchases, certain brands or products that we choose relate to our connections with other humans. This could well be another powerful reason why we enjoy shopping from a social and psychological viewpoint.


No matter what objects you are shopping for, it can be an incredibly relaxing experience. In fact, in recent consumer reviews, shopping, especially online shopping, is increasingly referred to as a type of mini mental vacation. Window shopping is like mental refreshment, a break from real life planning. Also, visiting the shops is an activity that you can do with friends and family, which makes it relaxing as well as more fun, especially with all the new products to see and touch, and the ambience of the ins-tore music. For more information on Music for business, visit Mood Media


There is definitely something to be said about the feeling of success when you mark everything from your list. Doing tasks and dealing with jobs is very satisfying. If you provide for your family, there is something special about knowing you have bought everything you need during the week.

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All about you

Sometimes you have to treat yourself. When you give yourself the luxury of just shopping for yourself, it is very pleasant. You can take the time, browse and enjoy variations in the shops that you visit. If you are into the latest fashion trends, you can try new looks, reinvent yourself and express yourself in new ways. Or if you have a hobby you love, you can enjoy your past times, bringing life back to your favourite things to do. Or if you are a food lover, maybe you will buy ingredients for the new recipe you find. Whatever you want, shopping for yourself can be very fun.

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