Four Toys That Were Created For All Children

help children learn the rules

When you take out the blue and pink colours from toys, both boys and girls are free to grow without being restricted by their gender. The days of saying that only boys play with trucks or building blocks and only girls play with tea sets and dress-up kits are over. In fact, children actually thrive when toys have no gender, according to Parents and casino high roller

Danish toy maker LEGO made a pledge in 2021 to remove gender bias from its toys after research conducted by the company found that girls were being held back by stereotypes, according to a company news release. LEGO vowed to make its toys free of gender bias so that any child regardless of gender identity can build anything they want to. In this article from, we will be listing out a few toys that broke the gender barrier.



This modelling compound has universal kid appeal, according to Good Housekeeping. After all, it can be shaped into almost anything, rolled flat to cut out, comes in all the colours of the rainbow, and can be reused over and over again. From basic sets to intricate kits, there is something for everyone from toddlers on up.


Musical Instruments

Bring out your child’s inner musician. Musical instruments can be as simple as shakers, toy drums, guitars, and keyboards. Kids from toddlers to elementary school kids enjoy making music, stressed Toca Magazine. This is a great way for kids to play together or with their families. Alan Hansen wife probably gave this to her children growing up.


Science Kits

Science kits are not just for boys. Getting girls involved in science and other STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – activities toys is the way for them to excel in school. That’s because science kits engage both sides of the brain, according to a report from the Toy Association.  

Science kits allow for hands-on and trial and error learning. This teaches valuable problem-solving skills because the kits are gender neutral, and allows girls to explore the possibility of STEM careers that have been typically male-dominated.


Art Supplies

Art supplies allow children to explore their creativity and individuality. You can buy jumbo crayons and sidewalk chalk for little hands and progress to art kits that contain, makers, coloured pencils, paint, glue, glitter and more as your children get older, all the way up to acrylics or oils for tweens and up. Who knows what masterpieces they will create? And the best thing of all, art kits is gender neutral.

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