Nine benefits of playing sports with the family

playing sports

Although we are all clear that the practice of physical exercise is essential in childhood and adolescence, the truth is that we should continue practicing sports throughout life, because there are countless benefits to health, at any age.

Parents should encourage the practice of exercise in children from the example, outdoor games and family sports. Because playing sports with our children is not only a fun activity, but it also provides a host of properties for everyone. Do you want to know them?

Keeps bones strong and healthy

Studies have determined that physical activity practiced since childhood is an excellent way to prevent possible fractures and reduce the risk of osteoporosis at older ages.

In adulthood, the practice of sports helps us to increase bone density, to reduce the risk of suffering from osteoarthritis and to combat the effects of menopause in women.

It helps to prevent certain diseases

Similarly, physical activity has been shown to play an important role in the prevention of a large number of chronic pathologies, such as type 2 diabetes (which is beginning to increase among children), the metabolic syndrome or cardiovascular diseases.

Improve our mood

The sport is a source of happiness, it generates a greater number of endorphins and increases the production of serotonin (happy hormone) thereby increasing our positive emotions.

In addition, sport helps to alleviate tensions and put aside stress, which contributes to having a better state of mind and to combat the possible emotional problems that may have arisen during the day, both at work, in the case of adults, as a school, in the case of children.

playing sports

Prevents sedentary lifestyle and obesity

How many of the plans we make with our children are sedentary? No doubt a large number of them, so it is important to compensate with the practice of physical exercise to help sharpen the tone and muscle strength.

This will have a positive effect on our body weight, fighting obsessiveness, which is one of the problems with the highest prevalence rate in Spain, especially among children.

Improve our cognitive skills

The association of physical exercise with mental benefits is well known. In this way, sport would help to develop our cognitive abilities, positively influencing memory capacity, executive functions, concentration and effort capacity.

According to several studies, the practice of sports in childhood would help the child’s brain development, having a positive effect on his academic performance. And is that research shows that cardiorespiratory fitness and motor skills increase school skills, self-esteem and memory.

Improve our motor skills

The sport practiced in childhood helps to develop the child’s motor skills and physical abilities, such as balance, strength, speed, coordination, body expression …

In the adult stage, all these aspects are still working with the exercise. But also, sport helps to strengthen our resistance, improving the flexibility of the joints and reducing the feeling of fatigue.

Instill positive values

Sport has a host of positive values at any age, among which we can highlight: the promotion of teamwork, respect for peers and adversaries, effort, self-esteem, responsibility, discipline, competitiveness …

In addition to all this, sports practice is an excellent tool for children to learn to manage their emotions, both when they win (euphoria, joy …) and when they lose (disappointment, anger, sadness …).

Provide free time and quality

There are many children who combine their workday with extracurricular activities. And although these are good for their training and development, it is advisable to balance it with the practice of outdoor exercise, and better if it is practiced with the parents.

For adults, playing sports with our children is a way to break the day-to-day maelstrom, and reconcile personal and family life by spending quality time with them.

Help strengthen links

And last but not least, remember that any activity we share and enjoy with our children will serve to strengthen our bond with them, improve relationships and get to know each other better through emotions and feelings.

Playing sports with the family is fun and relaxing. It makes us feel good, laugh, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and improve our mood.