Getting that Irish look

Ireland is a land of Myths and legends. It’s a green and pleasant land with rolling hills and fields as far as the eye can see,  until you reach the Irish c to the east and the Atlantic to the west.  It is an extremely fertile place,  hence why it is so Green,  but it also boasts quite a diverse amount of geography for a temperate climate.  If you want to wander through mountains there are those of Mourne and the ring of Kerry.  It has islands of rugged beauty which seemed to be almost entirely made of rock.  and it is from this environment that some of the fantastic Irish fashions come out.

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For example Irish mens sweaters are an absolute classic.  These originally come from the islands of Aran.  The Legend is that they were hand knitted by the wives and mothers of the fisherman in such a way so that they would be recognizable should they be drowned at sea.  This is but a tall tale  as the design was handed over from the channel items and east coast of England where it was first pioneered.

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The tweed jacket and the brown leather brogue  generally complete the Look.  combine this with a nice white shirt and a decent tie and you have the beginning of the look of the typical Irish country and gentleman going about his business.  There is also the addition of a decent cloth cap as well.

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