Staying Social When you are Retired

When you retire, many of the changes in lifestyle can make it harder to stay social. Having an active social life is more important for some people than for others, but having social contact is important and is something that helps you to stay mentally well and also keeps your brain active.

Because you are not going to work, the opportunities to socialise can decrease in retirement, but then you run the risk of being lonely. In order to combat this, here are some of the things that you can do…

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Do Voluntary Work – With so much more spare time, it can be hard to know what to do with it! Doing voluntary work helps you to give back to the community and can also help you to make new friends. There are lots of organisations that are always looking for volunteers and many different voluntary roles that you can do – these include things like helping out with animals at a rehoming centre, working in a charity shop, or caring for homeless people in a shelter. Have a look at what is on offer in your local area.

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Move to a Social Area – Where you live can help you to make new friends and socialise more. There are lots of places that are suited to retired people, such as these Park Homes Gloucestershire

Places like this will have people of a similar age and will give you the opportunity to make new friends. Many of them also run clubs and activities onsite that you can also get involved in.

Have a look around your local community and see if there are activities or groups that you can join to get to know others.

Join a Club – If you are interested in starting up a new hobby, then why not join a club? As well as being able to learn more about an interest, this is also a great way to socialise with other people who have a similar interest to you. This is a great basis for a friendship and can help you to learn as well as make new friends! Whether you want to learn more about gardening, or have a fancy for arts and crafts, there are lots of clubs and groups around that you can join in with.

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