Elevate Your Shooting Game: The Impact of SIG Grip Modules on Accuracy and Comfort

Impact of SIG Grip Modules on Accuracy and Comfort

Elevate your shooting game with a new grip module. These aftermarket upgrades offer enhanced ergonomics, recoil reduction, and more. Sig Sauer’s P320 has become famous for two things: First, it won a coveted U.S. military modular handgun contract. Second, it went through a social media firestorm when it failed drop tests at elevated heights and improvised angles.

Reduced Recoil

The sig grip modules offer a level of customization that few other handguns can match. With a simple swap of grip modules, users can transform their gun into the ideal duty weapon, conceal and carry a firearm, or fun range toy. Competition-grade components and a competition trigger make the P320 X5 Legion a sought-after model among competitive severe shooters, and its optics-ready slide allows for the quick mounting of red dot sights. A tungsten-infused grip module on the X5 also lessens felt recoil and muzzle rise, facilitating easy follow-up shots.

Increased Comfort

The grip is one of the most essential parts of a firearm and can significantly impact shooting comfort. Changing the grip module to a new texture, shape, or material can improve the firearm’s comfort and feel, making it easier to control and aim during shooting sessions. It’s true when the grip is designed to improve holster fit and retention.  Another popular P320 grip modification is an extended magazine release, which can increase speed and efficiency during reloads. This customization is favored by competitive shooters who prioritize speed and accuracy during high-stress situations. A grip modification can significantly enhance the shooting experience and increase your gun’s market value. You can use your Sig P320 as a duty gun, a concealed carry weapon, or just a fun range gun by choosing the proper grip to meet your needs.

Increased Control

The Sig P320’s customization potential makes it so popular among enthusiasts. The modular handgun can be used as a duty weapon, a concealed carry pistol, or even for fun range shooting. This level of customizability is not available in many other handguns. There are a lot of great examples of an aftermarket grip that enhances comfort and control. Some grips are slightly thinner than standard modules and have additional stippling to provide more purchase in the hand. Others are designed to address the main ergonomic issues that plague the P320 platform – high bore axis, rounded slippery grip, and short beavertail. 

Enhanced Accuracy

It is easier to shoot accurately when you are comfortable with your pistol. It helps encourage more practice, which in turn leads to improved proficiency. Some people have one of the most significant issues with the Sig P320 is its grip profile. The rounded, slippery grip and short beavertail make it challenging to keep the gun on target when shooting. Luckily, some modules are available that address these issues and improve the grip’s overall functionality and feel. Some grip modules have a polymer grip that replaces the factory module and features a more ergonomic contoured grip. The other grip’s front, back, and sides have an abrasive stipple texturing without being too aggressive. 

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