How to use clothes in your favor

use clothes

Use clothes-At the time of highlighting the best of us, the clothes can be our best ally or worst enemy. Sometimes, we spend whole years wanting to modify parts of our body and, really, it’s almost impossible! Why do not we transform that absurd odyssey and try to use clothes to highlight the best of us?

How to use clothes in your favor

use clothes in your favor

I don’t know; I do not give a damn about women having breasts like magnolias or fig raisins; a skin of peach or sandpaper. I give an equal importance to zero, to the fact that they wake up with an aphrodisiac breath or with an insecticidal breath. I am perfectly capable of supporting a nose that would get the first prize in an exhibition of carrots; but yes! – And in this I am irreducible – I do not forgive them, under any pretext, for not knowing how to fly. If they do not know how to fly, those who pretend to seduce me lose their time!

In conclusion: the important thing is to feel good with the body that, whether we like it or not, has touched us. One of the keys is, precisely, instead of trying to modify the modifiable, highlight what makes us more beautiful, and know how to fly with what we have on hand.

For short legs

Footwear is a great help. Needless to say that the heels will be your best friends when it comes to styling those legs. The needle plug is not recommended, except for special events.

Also, being a long time with this type of stud’s forces the muscles of your legs and can produce varicose veins. Ideally, the Chinese taco: only a little elevation is needed to generate an effect that seems magical.

If you wear Converse-style sneakers: avoid booties! They make your legs look much shorter than they are. Therefore, the ideal is to use the low style: show your ankles and lengthen the legs.

The clothes with cut at the waist create the illusion that the lower part of your body is much longer: avoid wearing jeans at the hip or very low skirts. The high shot, as in the 50s, will feel much better.

For bulky bellies

If you are a friend of the extra kilos and want to hide your tummy, of course, wearing tight clothes is not a good idea. Neither fabrics like modal or lira, which have to mark roost. The best thing is to use loose things.

Now, how can it not look like a tent? The best thing you can do is use a princess style that is, fit under your bust. In this way, you have a double benefit: highlight the best of your neckline, and do not mark your belly. With leggings, it looks great.

For wide hips

If you have very wide hips and maybe you get uncomfortable, great advice is to replace the ankle-tight pants with an Oxford cut and go to the middle of the waist. You can also try to ware trendy cargo pants to relax.

For the top part, the best are those long garments, such as blouses or jackets that mark your curves, but fall below the hip.

On the other hand, using large accessories such as large ball collars will divert attention from your hips. Of course, it is not recommended in this case to use horizontal stripes or giant prints.

It is necessary to know how to order and store your clothes in your closet.

For wide backs

Seeks to bring attention to other areas, and avoids square necklines or boat type and wide sleeves, or strapless. It is best to use wide straps, or “Marilyn Monroe” style dresses that straddle your back, and necklines with deep V-necks.

As you see, it is not difficult to highlight the best of us; the trick is to know how to combine those garments that best suit our body. Of course, the most important thing is to feel comfortable with ourselves.

8 items that will help you stylize the figure

Do you really know what are the garments that will help you to stylize the figure? Many times it may seem that yes, but then, in front of the mirror, it seems that not everything fits perfectly.

Looking slender and tall has a lot to do with genetic issues and the attributes with which we are born. However, the power of clothing should never be underestimated. Some garments can help to stylize the figure and achieve a much more attractive appearance.

Although garments do not help to modify the body, they can create certain optical illusions to disguise what we do not like and highlight what we are interested in.

When it comes to appearance, there’s practically nothing that the right clothes cannot fix. And if we refer to the intention to wear a more harmonious body, this applies to perfection. Now, do you want to know how to achieve it? Here are some tips that are very easy to apply.

Pencil skirt

The first of the garments that will help you to stylize the figure is the pencil skirt. It is a garment that helps lengthen and emphasize the legs. For women who already have this attribute, it is an excellent option but beware, this does not mean that others can not take advantage of it to stylize their figure.

Although they tend to generate some insecurity in terms of their convenience, this type of skirts are very favorable for almost all body types. You just have to be encouraged and give them the opportunity.

High shoes

There are no doubts that heels outstrip low- heeled shoes when talking about garments that help to stylize the figure. And while it is true that its regular use can cause various health- related problems, using them sometimes makes its magic.

Vertical stripes

Whether in pants, dresses, blouses or skirts, vertical stripes help make the person look much more slender and “elongated” than it really is. This type of lines also serves to disguise if you have little bust or very voluptuous hips.

High-waisted pants

Another of the items that will help you stylize the figure is the high-waisted pants. They help to hide the  extra kilos  and to focus attention on the length of the legs.

The idea of ​​using high-waisted pants, like other garments, is to create a much more harmonious figure. This translates as “balancing the features of the body”; that is, disguise or hide what is left over and enhance the best you have.


While it is an accessory, we can perfectly pigeonhole it in this list. The belts allow sharpening the waist and, as a direct consequence, stylizing the silhouette very effectively.

Do not limit yourself to wearing them only with pants: you can also place them over dresses, jackets and other garments. There are many fashion designs today that feel perfect with many styles. Find yours!

Long and printed garments

At this point we include two different styles of garments that can add up for a common cause: stylize the silhouette. First, long garments such as coats, blouses or vests will make your figure elongate without exception.

On the other hand, the patterns fulfill the function of balancing. As you know, its effect is to add volume to the smallest parts, something that sounds contradictory considering the mission we are pursuing here.

However, if you have hip and bulky legs, you can use a print on the upper part of your body to harmonize. In case you are bigger than torso, do the opposite. All the garments have something to contribute; you just have to know how to use them.


Among the garments that will help you to stylize the figure is also the classic V-neckline at the front of the blouses or dresses. And it should be clarified that the more open, the better.

A good neckline can help you see much more slender. The good thing, besides, is that it works as much for women with a lot of bust as for the smallest ones.

One color

The last advice does not have to do precisely with garments that will help you to stylize the figure, but rather with a very useful suggestion. Using clothes of the same color will be of great help for this purpose; Of course, dark shades such as black or brown are leading the way in this area.

However, if you are brave you can also try with a red or a white; Experiment and find your best style with this trick!

Apply what you know!

With these tips you will no longer have to think what clothes are in your favor and which ones are not at the time of looking taller and thinner. In short, the choice of clothes will depend on the body and style of each woman. Obviously, it also tells a lot about the situation, the hairstyle and makeup, among other factors.

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