What colors favor you according to your skin, hair and eyes

What colors

Do you know what colors favor you according to your skin, hair and eyes? Some personalized tips can help you improve your appearance and get the most out of your image.

Are you blonde, brunette or redhead? Maybe your hair is black or gray? Are your eyes clear or dark? And what is your skin type? Discover below what colors favor you according to your traits and renew your style!

What colors favor you according to your skin, hair and eyes

What colors

Why do some colors feel great and others give us a sad or dull look? Did you know that each person has colors that fit better depending on their skin, hair and eyes? Not only can you notice it, but also others.

Colorimetry is the science that studies the measurement of colors and that develops methods for the quantification of color perception. Therefore, our perceptions have a scientific basis that affects our appearance. And this can be very useful when choosing our makeup, the wardrobe even our hair dye.

How do we find our colors?

To begin with, the intuition sure has already helped us to see some colors that favor us and others that do not. It is as simple as putting on different clothes and watching us. Also, I’m sure that more than one person has also made a comment.

However, we must know that there is a colorimetric test to give us this information. It is simple and effective, and is based on the color of the eyes, the tone of the skin and the natural color of our hair.

Which is your station?

The colorimetry divides the colors in comparison with the seasons of the year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. To find out which one you belong to, you must take into account some aspects of the face.

From this classification you will know what colors favor you according to your skin, hair and eyes, as well as those that you should avoid whenever possible. Next we give you the keys to find your place in this classification.

Woman with clear skin

The spring type occurs in people with clear and delicate skin, who may have freckles and difficulty in tanning.

First, people who are classified in the spring have a delicate skin tone, ranging from pink to cream. They include tonalities like the peach and also the freckles. In addition, they usually have difficulties to tan. The eyes can be gray, blue, light green, light brown, and blonde, reddish or light brown hair.

  • Colors that favor you: Blue, turquoise, light violet and, in general, pastel colors and bright colors.
  • Colors that do not favor you: Gray, garnet, fuchsia and white.


Second, the summer color palette includes people with pale skin pulling to pink. The hair is dark blond, brown or gray. In addition, the eyes are clear, green or blue.

  • Colors that favor you: pastel shades, light yellow, purple, mauve.
  • Colors that do not favor you: Orange, beige, greenish yellow, earthy tones.


Third, in the autumn category we found people with light brown or tan skin with a yellow tendency. His eyes are brown, both honey and darker, and the hair may be coppery, reddish, dark brown or with reddish tints.

  • Colors that favor you: Earthy tones, beige, orange, gold, bronze, dark brown.
  • Colors that do not favor you: Cold colors such as blue gray, gray, blue green or white.


Finally, we find people who are classified in winter colorimetry. The skin is pale or a little pink, or also brown. The eyes are blue or black, and the dark brown hair, black or very light blond. They are rather cold tones.

  • Colors that favor you: Cold colors, intense and with contrasts, such as black, navy blue, red, pink, silver, white, fuchsia, yellow, green.
  • Colors that do not favor you: Orange, beige, golden tones.

In what season of the year do you include yourself? Now you can know what colors favor you to enhance your appearance and highlight your features. Also, avoid those that do not favor you and let yourself be carried away by your own personal tastes.

What makeup favors you according to your skin tone, eyes and hair?

 Has it happened to you that when you put on your makeup you try to match the colors with your outfit? It is a very common mistake that we make, since there are certain tonalities that do not favor us.

Depending on our skin tone, eyes and hair, we must choose the colors that best suit us to create a harmony and balance, this way we will look younger and beautiful.

Find out below what kind of blonde or brunette you are and you will get a lot out of it. You will see…!

Types of blondes

  • If you tend to be tanned and your hair has coppery tones, then use warm colors to make up. The golden, yellow, copper and brown tones will be great.
  • As for lipstick, use those in orange and brown. Avoid black smoky eyes as it is a very dramatic color and will generate a lot of contrast.
  • If you are blonde but your skin tends to be white, bet on cold colors. Make up in pink tones, is what will make you look better and as for the lips, give yourself the luxury of wearing them red.
  • The smoky eyes you can take, but they are in gray or plum because the contrast will be bright and you will look amazing.

Types of brunettes

  • If you have skin with yellow shades that highlight your clear or very dark eyes creating contrast, then you are cold. Black eyeliner and ultra-red lips will look great on you. Green bottles and violets will also look good on you. Avoid yellow and orange pigments.
  • If your skin is not so white and there is not so much contrast in the eyes, hair and skin, then you are a warm brunette. The smoky eyes will fit perfectly. Bet on brown lips or pigments in orange. As for eyes, moss green, khaki and everything that has to do with yellow pigments will be your best choice.
  • If you are a redhead, then the colors that you have to use must be warm since the tone of your hair says it all. Use colors such as persimmon, peach, gold, butter and a good black eyeliner in the eyes. Coral and terracotta tones will look great on your lips. Avoid smoky eyes and strong contrasts.

You already know, do not break your head thinking about choosing the tones for your makeup, with these tips you will look great put what you wear.