The 5 countries with the most biosphere reserves

biosphere reserves

The so-called Program on Man and the Biosphere from which the World Network of Biosphere Reserves was born began in 1971 thanks to Unesco. Its intention was to reconcile the mentality and the use of natural resources, taking into account sustainable development. What is a Biosphere Reserve and what are they? Currently they have three functions: conservation of biodiversity, development of local populations and logistical support for research. Today there are almost 700 biosphere reserves in more than a hundred countries. However there are places that, due to their high concentration of reserves, deserve special attention. Do you sign up for a route through the countries with the most biosphere reserves?

Spain – 49 Biosphere reserves to enjoy alternative tourism

most biosphere reserves

Spain is one of the countries with more places classified as a biosphere reserve, specifically 49, according to the update made in July 2018. The oldest is Grazalema , in the Sierra de Cadiz, which was designated as such in 1977 and the most modern, Ponga, on the northern slope of the Cantabrian Mountains, in Asturias.

Sustainable tourism: natural parks of Spain

If you are considering a route through the most beautiful reserves of the biosphere. We propose you some Natural Parks such as Donana and the Marismas Del Odiel, very close to Punta Umbria. The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata or Sierra Nevada, which allows a getaway to the beautiful Granada. In addition, Spain has several islands considered biosphere reserve such as the Canary Islands Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Or traveling to the Mediterranean, Menorca, and the second of the Balearic Islands.

In Spain, all the autonomous communities have at least one biosphere reserve.

Where to find a biosphere reserve on Russian soil? You have 45 located in the best natural parks of Russia

With 45 places biosphere reserve, Russia can boast an enviable natural heritage. From the deepest lake on the planet – Lake Baikal – to the depth of Central Siberia – with the Kuznetski Alatau reserve – full of cedars. And glaciers passing through places where there is no road and more than a thousand lakes. The Altai reservation- and in the only place in the Eurasian continent where there are geyser fields.

Mexico – 42 biosphere reserve places offer incredible adventure tourism

With more than four dozen places listed as a biosphere reserve, Mexico is considered one of the countries with the greatest biological diversity. Some of these corners are widely known as Sian Kaan, full of wetlands, coral reefs and home to jaguars, ocelots or crocodiles. Or the island of Cozumel added to this network in 2016, both located in the Riviera Maya.

Ecotourism in Mexico: Sian Kaan Riviera Maya Biosphere Reserve

Although there are also somewhat unknown places like the Revillagigedo Islands, four volcanic islands located off the coast of Manzanillo full of birds, dolphins, whales and stingrays. The Vizcaino in Baja California Sur or Huatulco, which is made up of a terrestrial part full of hills. And dunes and a marina that makes up its 9 bays, with dozens of beaches, islands and coral reefs.

China – 34 reservations for sustainable tourism with visits that make each national park unique in China

Of the 34 biosphere reserves that China has, the most recent is that of Hanma, in the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, which, according to Unesco, represents an important part of the Chinese taiga. And it is going to make 40 years of the first incorporations to this list of the first reserves of the biosphere of China. The one of Dinghushan that is one of the four sacred mountains of the country; the one of Changbaishan, border mountain range with Korea of ​​the North that counts on Amur leopards, bears. And Siberian tigers; and that of Wolong, habitat of more than a hundred giant pandas.

USA – 29 nature reserves where to enjoy an adventure trip combined with ecotourism

In 1976, the United States registered more than twenty reserves of the biosphere and in some moments it was almost 50 but today, after several revisions. It has 29. Among them, well-known places like Yellowstone. The that it was the first national park in the world. And home to the grizzly bear; the Rocky Mountains or the Sequoia Natural Park .

Adventure tourism: national parks in the United States

Interestingly, the most visited natural park in the United States is not one of the most recognized. Although it is among the biosphere reserves, specifically that of the Appalachians of the South. Within it is the National Park of the Great Smoky Mountains. The most visited in the country and one of the most extensive protected areas in the United States.

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