Travel with Children: 4 Factors to consider to choose a destination and organize a trip with family

organize a trip with family

Do you like organize a trip with family and do you have young children (between 2 and 7 years old)?

The choice of the destination is fundamental.

In this post we will talk about the factors to be taken into account in the choice!

I have always traveled and I have never worried too much about the hygienic, sanitary and climatic conditions of my goals.

When we started traveling with our baby, however, we had to restrict things a little to the area of destinations suitable for a small child.

1) Secure Meta

The first and most obvious factor is to verify if in the country we would like to visit wars, revolts or periods of particular social and political tension are taking place.

There you will find information on the political and social situation of the country you are interested in. But not only that, you will also find information on the health and climate situation, on the recommended vaccinations, on the state of the roads, on documents and visas to enter the country.

2) Climate Situation

Not in all places is safe to go at any time of year.

For example, it is always good to know about the periods of cyclones and hurricanes in the tropics. Each hemisphere has its periods, I list them here briefly, but I always suggest you check on the guides and on travel safe

From January to March: The cyclones develop in the South Pacific Ocean. So, to avoid these are French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, Australia and New Zealand

From April to June: The cyclones move in the eastern and western pacific and in the Indian Ocean. Destinations to avoid: the Philippines, Japan, India and the Seychelles.

From July to September: It is the cyclone season in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean and again in the North Pacific Ocean and in the Indian Ocean. Destinations to avoid: Caribbean, Philippines, Japan, Hawaii, India, Bangladesh

From October to November: The cyclones invest the Atlantic, pacific and Indian oceans. Therefore it is not advisable to avoid all the destinations apart from Mauritius until Mid-November and the Seychelles

December: It’s a quiet month from a cyclonic point of view … Moreover, you know … Santa Claus has to travel around the world for gifts!

organize a trip with famil

3) Sanitary and Hygienic Situation

Needless to say, the poorest countries are less safe from a health and hygiene point of view.

If you want to go to one of these states I advise you to have a health insurance that covers the treatment in private clinics. Subscribing to health insurance in any case is a good habit whatever the destination, if outside Europe. Abroad often medical expenses are very high and it is better to be covered.

Areas to avoid according to us … Or anyway in which to pay special attention if you travel with small children who pushed by curiosity get their hands everywhere:

India, Southeast Asia, central and Southern Africa.

Another factor that must always be taken into consideration are vaccinations recommended especially in countries with more than the aforementioned hygiene problems. It is always advisable to get vaccinated against hepatitis a, typhus and tetanus.

I advise you to ask your doctor for directions.

In any case, always avoid eating uncooked food or drinking bottled water.

Then there were, especially in Africa, where to get some vaccinations are required such as yellow fever that I would not recommend for a young child.

Attention also to areas subject to malaria during the summer.

4) Environmental Situation

With small children I would certainly avoid extreme heat situations, like deserts in summer, or cold, like the extreme north in winter.

Also avoid areas where you can meet ferocious animals. For example, I would not take our baby to go on a safari in Africa … Moreover, beware! Some lodges or natural parks do not allow children under 12 years. Always check!

I would also avoid areas where there are poisonous insects or snakes, like certain areas of tropical Australia or rainforests like the amazon.

To conclude

Children are all over the world, so there are no inhospitable places by definition. What is certain is that children born and raised in certain countries have lower defense thresholds, having never faced situations of particular dangers such as those mentioned above.

Common sense and correct information will surely guide you in choosing the best destination for your trip.

Do not forget in any case that the spirit of adaptation that children will develop traveling in places other than the one in which they live will help them to grow more confident and even more awake!

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