Do you want to have an united and happy family? Follow these 6 tips

happy and united family

Nowadays, there are more and more divorces, ill-treatment, aggression, infidelity, poor communication, selfishness, etc. … What is happening? It seems that all homes go out … Do not be part of this percentage. What to do to have a united and happy family?

In this article, we want to give you certain keys to maintaining a happy family. It should be mentioned that it is not a magic formula, but applying them can make a difference, and achieve peace and harmony in your home.

1 – Build and live a happy marriage

As a parent, you should be aware that the first example of love you give your children is yourself.

That is why it is very important to form a healthy relationship with your partner based on respect, interest in each other’s activities and love.

Remember that what gives more security to children is to see that their parents are a team. That they are united and committed to building a home.

Commitment implies fidelity; not only sexual fidelity in marriage but in time, dedication, and company. The commitment brings security and peace.

Demonstrate unconditionally the love you feel for each member of your family.

2 – The Time

Time is a precious asset, and very scarce, so the time you dedicate to yours will show the commitment you have to them. Time is like the air: it takes a minimum to live, and the family without time for theirs is drowning.

“Parents have been replaced by plastic” – said a preschool teacher. And it’s true, why the child spends more time with his toys than with his dad and mom?

A survey was made of a thousand people over 80 years old asking them what they would do now that they did not do during their lifetime, and the answer that took second place in importance was: “I would spend more time with the people I have loved.”

3 – Turn off the TV and Internet

The separation and disinterest in families are mainly caused by these two devices: television and the Internet. If you intend to dedicate to your family the time you dedicate to these devices, your family life would be different.

Teach your children – whether children, teenagers, or young people – to have an hour of family conversation, without interruption from cell phones, computers, or television. And use computer glasses to filter out harmful blue light and keep your eyes safe so you can work on a screen without discomfort. They reduce artificial blue light in the blue light wavelengths between 400-490nm, alleviate eye strain, prevent sore eyes, and control headaches.

4 – Family that eats together, stays together

Sharing food at the same table is a tradition that has been forgotten.

Encourage your family to share food even twice a week. It can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Reactivates the family unit and tries to respect those moments of living with the cell phones turned off so that everyone can pay attention to what the other says.

5 – Conflict Resolution

They say there are three safe things in this life: Taxes, Death, and Conflicts.

Everything can produce conflicts at home: marriage, children, stress, exhaustion … But the real problem is not the conflict, but rather what we do to solve it: do we shout? Did we run away? Do we sink? Do we insult ourselves?

Let’s face problems serenely and constructively, and think that our children will learn from us to face conflict and imitate what they see at home. Do you know who suffers the most when two elephants fight? Grass. In each marriage conflict, think about your children, because they are the ones who can suffer the most.

6 – The tree of problems

Everyone has problems at home, work, or school. But there is no reason to always take them everywhere. You can place a small tree at the entrance to the door of the house, it can be natural or artificial and it teaches the whole family to hang the problems on the tree before entering the house; for example, if you are doing badly at work and you arrive with a long face to turn on the television you will not win anything; On the contrary, the whole family may feel sad, bored and even tired.

That’s what the problem tree is for, hanging your problems from work or school before entering to live with the family will help you create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in your home.

These little tips can change your life and above all achieve what you have always dreamed of having: a big happy family.

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