British people love the selection of cuisines available

Brits are well known for embracing the cuisines of other countries. Curries, pizzas and stir fries regularly appear on our plates at home, whether home-cooked or as a takeaway.

Figures show that we spent £52.2bn over the last few years on eating out, and that figure is expected to hit £54.7bn in the coming years.

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British cuisine is definitely on the up, from the Modern British at the fine dining end to fish and chips at the takeaway end of the market. In fact, a survey published by the Welsh Lamb association revealed that British food is now our favourite sort of food, beating Italian, Indian, Chinese and Thai.


According to the results of a survey, British consumers are often opting to buy British produce and to cook traditional British meals, like cottage pie. The restaurant sector is also seeing this trend, as Brits are also opting to eat British cuisine in restaurants. The Sunday roast is by far our favourite meal.


We are still a nation of pizza and pasta lovers, whether at home or eating out. If you are eating out it makes sense to do it in style and go somewhere that provides fresh home grown food like in an Italian Restaurant Dublin location which you can find out more about on  Both these Italian ‘fast foods’ come a close second, and it’s easy to see the appeal as pizza and pasta are quick to cook, which probably explains their popularity in restaurants of all types. If you want pizza on your menu, it makes sense to have specialist pizza ovens, as these will produce the most authentic and speediest results. Online retailers offer a great range, from small single ovens to freestanding double ovens.


Coming in third is Indian food. It’s hugely varied, with fantastic options for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Indian restaurants abound on our high streets, and even the smallest towns will often have at least one restaurant offering food from India. The tikka masala was the nation’s favourite dish for many years.


Chinese food is extremely varied depending on the region, but perennial favourites on the takeaway menu are noodles, crispy duck and spare ribs. It’s also quick and easy to cook at home, especially if you have a decent-quality wok.


A relative newcomer to these shores compared to Chinese and Indian restaurants, Thai food includes curries, spicy soups, stir-fries and noodle dishes like pad thai. Green and red curries are very popular, usually with sticky rice.

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