The Joy of a Wooden Toy

There are literally thousands of toys of all shapes, sizes, materials and colour but only some that are built to stand the test time. These are guaranteed to be on sale for years to come in lots of retail stores perhaps on Longspan Shelving to guarantee plenty of space and withstand heavier items.  Im sure the stores will want plenty of stock out the back as it will sell well, so to purchase some of these shelving units you could use   Traditional wooden toys are always the last toys standing and can be handed down for generations of playtimes. Not only is their build quality of a superior nature but wooden toys have a special place in educational value as well. Here are some classic wooden toys that have been long lasting and helped children learn through play:

Rainbow Stacker

Wooden toys are great for babies too and many a home has had one of these bright, rainbow coloured ring stackers. They feel smooth and lovely to hold and are easy to grip and stack. This classic toy helps young children to learn about colours and develop their fine motor skills and co-ordination.

Sorting Cube

While these also come in plastic, the wooden version looks sturdy, smooth and attractive. Fitting the different brightly coloured shapes into the correct shaped hole makes a truly satisfying noise when slotted in the right place. Once completed, take all the shapes out and start again. This toy has stood the test of time due to its ease of use, ability to teach sorting skills, shape learning and fine motor skills.

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It seems the wooden abacus toy has been around since time began and there is something so satisfying about the texture and sound of moving the counters from one side to another. Seeing maths in action makes learning numbers fun for children and the smooth wood finish not only looks amazing but moving the colourful beads is also good for motor skills as well as counting.

Climbing Frame

Nothing looks more beautiful than classic wooden play equipment. Investing in a climbing frame, slide and swing combination when your children are small will see many, many years of playtime and fun in the garden. Playing on such equipment benefits co-ordination, motor skills, balance and increased confidence in physical activity for your children.

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Wooden Blocks

A box of brightly coloured wooden blocks should hold a special place in every home with children. Ideal for imaginative play, kids spend hours building with these blocks, anything from houses, to forts castles, tunnels and towers. Even as children grow older, when they re-discover their box of blocks, out they come all over the floor to be turned into another wonderful creation of their imagination.

Farm Set

Hours of fun have been had setting up various farm animals around the fields and buildings of the beautiful wooden farm set. You can continue adding to your animal collection which is part of the fun and they don’t even need to be wooden to be included in the menagerie of animals. Sets like a farm are the perfect toys for imaginative play, role play and a great chance to teach your children about animal care and where your food comes from.




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