Mailing food and drink items

Sending food and drink in the post can be a great way to show how much you care. However, there are rules to be followed when you are sending these sorts of items, whether within the UK or further afield. Here is a look at how to send food and drink items in the post.

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The Food Standards Agency has strict rules about how food businesses should send and transport their products, particularly if it is a business selling food to the public that then has to be posted. However, there are rules if you are an individual who wants to send food and drink by post and these also need to be followed. Remember when you send a parcel it has to be sorted in a sorting office somewhere so perishables or breakables are high risk even if safely transported through a Vacuum conveying system. These are great to use within your own work environment as its more efficient for the workforce so check out options including

Sending a hamper of food

If you are planning to send a hamper for Christmas or another occasion, there are things to remember about the contents and how they’re packaged. Pack it suitably for carriage by someone such as a Slough same day courier or other delivery service. If it is going abroad, make sure that you complete the Customs Invoice with a list of the contents and that it isn’t gift wrapped as this could result in Customs opening it to find out what is inside. Flammable items and liquids such as alcohol cannot be transported by courier, and it is also important to ensure that everything you want to send is permitted by the final destination country if your hamper is being sent abroad.

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Things to remember when sending food and drink

There are key things to remember when you are sending food and drink by mail. It is vital that you know whether or not you can send the items you are planning to send. The rules differ between parcels being sent within the UK and overseas, so it is even more important to check. Make sure you aren’t sending items that are perishable. This includes fruit, vegetables, dairy and meat. Also ensure that your parcel is packaged appropriately so you can make sure it survives the journey.

If you are planning to send food or drink in the post for a special occasion or just to cheer someone up, hopefully these tips will help you to do it safely.


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