Here is why you shouldn’t eat in front of the TV

After a long day at work, you may well feel that all you want to do come the evening is sit back in front of the TV and eat your dinner. The majority of us use TV as a way to unwind after the stresses and strains of the day, but now research has shown that eating off your lap in front of the box could, in fact, be doing you serious harm.

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It’s something our parents always warned us against, and it seems there’s some truth behind their warnings that eating in front of the TV is an unhealthy habit to get in to. Here are four reasons not to eat dinner in front of the gogglebox.

You Eat More

Eating in front of the TV means you tend to eat more, because your mind is distracted and you might not really notice how much you’ve been putting away. When you’ve tuned out from what’s on your plate and in to what’s on the screen, you usually consume more than you would have done had you been sitting down at the table with family. So instead maybe get the family together and concentrate on what your eating and enjoy every mouthful. One great place to do that is in one of the beautiful Italian restaurants in Dublin locations on links like

You’re More Likely to Become Obese

Eating more means you raise the risk of obesity. People who watch too much TV tend to binge on junk foods, and obesity is a serious risk for children. It’s hardly surprising given the number of adverts for unhealthy foods and drinks people are bombarded by whilst they eat, and the sight of fast foods usually makes people consume more.

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You’re Likely to Become Addicted

Eating in front of the screen can become an addiction so that if something goes wrong with your TV, you may find you’ve lost the art of sitting down at a table and engaging in dinner-time conversation.

You Might Not Feel Full

If you’re not really thinking about the food you’re putting away, you’re more likely to be left still feeling hungry by the end of it. If you eat ‘mindfully’ and concentrate on the plate rather than the screen, you’re going to feel satisfied and will be less inclined to snack later on as a result.

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