Your conservatory plans and considerations

Do you dream of having your own conservatory? There’s no doubt that extending living space is something many homeowners think about, and a conservatory can be one of the most cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing ways to bring light and space into your home.

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However, there are some considerations to keep in mind when planning your conservatory, so unleash your inner designer and you’ll create your dream conservatory.

Go with the flow

The beauty of a conservatory is that it serves to bring the outdoors in, but how will you access your new space? A popular choice is to use sliding doors, or glazed French doors for a period property. To make a very contemporary statement, add bifold doors that will completely open up the space.

On the floor

Will you opt for the same flooring as the rest of your living space, or will you choose a beautiful ceramic or natural stone tile? The design options you make will be dictated by your own sense of style and the use of your new conservatory. Will it be a dining room or a home office? Do you intend to grow hothouse plants? Whatever flooring you choose, consider underfloor heating to make your conservatory cosy in the winter months.

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Ground work

There may be extensive ground work to be done and lots of dirt and rubbish to get rid off.  It’s not going to fit in the back of your car so be prepared by contacting a Carmarthen skip hire company like who will be glad to assist you.

Blinded by the light

It may seem counterintuitive to consider ways of blocking out the light, but conservatory blinds can help you to regulate the temperature in your conservatory in any type of weather. Even if you ask to install solar glass, roof and window blinds can still help to significantly control solar gain and improve the thermal resistance of your conservatory regardless of its glazing.

Drain it away

Let’s finish with the least glamorous of your design decisions. In fact, the positioning of any drainage and guttering is something that your conservatory company will be happy to advise you on, so make sure you use an experienced company who will know the optimal positioning.

The indoors outdoors

It’s always a nice idea to integrate the outdoors and the indoors when designing the interior of your conservatory. Use elegant rattan furniture for a relaxed indoors/outdoors look, or cover your three-piece suite in jaunty stripes or florals for informality. Make sure your garden is looking its best before you settle down to enjoy the view.

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