Looking after your canine friend’s teeth

When it comes to looking after the overall health of your dog most owners will be aware of key areas such as ensuring that they get the right balance of food along with water and exercise as well as making sure that treats are only used occasionally rather than being given every day.

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Regular check ups with the vet will ensure that your dogs weight stays in the healthy category and that they are otherwise in great shape. It is worth asking them to check over your dog’s teeth whenever you visit them to make sure that they are healthy and in good working order so as to prevent any bigger issues from arising in the future as you can’t simply pop along to your Dental Implants Cardiff company if their teeth fall out and have them sort out your dog’s teeth much like they do for yourself.

There are a number of things that you can do as a owner to help ensure the oral health of your dog. It is important that you do this regularly as much like ourselves dogs only have one adult set of teeth to last them their entire life. Dental problems can occur in dogs and can leave them in pain and at the risk of infections setting in. Strong teeth are important for your dog to be able to chew its food properly  as well as keeping them out of pain. Much the same as humans, poor dental health can lead to a number of other medical conditions. Infections due to poor dental health can quickly become bigger issues and in some cases can be life threatening as the infection can ultimately end up affecting your dog’s liver and kidneys.

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Some of the most common problems that are seen in dogs teeth include:

  • Bad breath – which can be alleviated with the use of pet friendly mouth sprays.
  • Gingivitis – which in essence is the startings of gum disease and once this inflammatory condition sets in it is important to try and reverse it through good dental practices.
  • Mouth Ulcers – these occur where plaque builds up on the teeth and then rubs on the delicate cheek and tongue areas resulting in uncomfortable ulcers. This can be combated by regularly brushes your dog’s teeth and using dental treats such as dentastix.

Ways in which you can help keep their teeth nice and healthy include:

  • Brushing teeth regularly
  • Making sure they have plenty of items to chew on safely
  • Give them a good quality diet
  • Use treats that are designed to help with their teeth
  • Have regular check ups with the vets
  • Ensure that you regularly check your dog’s teeth for signs of any problems.

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