The start of women’s rights in Family Law.

It is quite hard to believe,and also rather a sobering thought,  that Women have barely just begun to get equivalent rights in the UK. Suffrage for Women and the ability to vote has only been in existence for one hundred years. Increasing legislation in Family law has sought to even the balance and it all stems from the Married Women’s Property Act 1882.

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As with the nineteenth century law, todays is generally as complicated and, as with then, you would need solicitors based in Family Law Gloucester or wherever you are based to assist you should the need arise. What was so special about this debated Act.

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Marriage is an institution created to protect children and people alike. However should that marriage end what happens? In the nineteenth century the answer was simple. The husband got everything. The wife was automatically at fault and she was thrown out generally into destitution. The women in marriage was as possession the same as the cupboards or drapes. A Divorce required and Act of parliament so it was only available to the rich. All of the women’s income and possessions were controlled by the husband as well.

The Act enabled women to control their income and have a say in the property. If they did divorce the husband could not continue to claim their private income.

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