Wedding Photography hot Trends

Wedding photography is as much subject to trend setting as the wedding itself, with couples increasingly wanting a set of photographs from their big day which really capture the spirit of the event, and which look unique to them and their tastes.

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This means that photographers are now having to get in on the act of processing photography in a range of different ways, realising of course that every finish gives a completely different look and feel to a set of images.

Knowing What You Want

When booking a wedding photographer, it does make sense to see some examples of their post processing work when you consider your selection. Ask to see a portfolio that shows a range of treatments, and which may be in line with what you want as a couple.

Of course, trends come and go and it is well worth choosing something that is likely to look as classy in twenty years time as it will by next season!  Some couples will want pictures of everyone together and what better way then on your mode of transportation as it leaves the church for the evening venue.  If you contact a Coach Hire Dorset company to give you some advice on what sizes they offer and what price it might be from sites including then you will be able to get that perfect shot.

The Natural Look

The natural look is always a good choice and perhaps the most authentic type of image capture. A good photographer will simply adjust colours slightly to make the resulting image look as natural and as vibrant as it did in real life, and tweak any areas where edits are needed. He or she may even be able to remove any flaws that the couple spots and requests to be adjusted, although there is a danger that the photo starts to look overly processed and like a fashion shoot in a magazine if too much of this is done.

Photoshop is also used for adding tints, filters and blurring to create focus, hide any distracting elements, and even create vintage looks. Whether you want black and white, heightened colour or vintage sepia, there will be options for you. Some couples also want HDR prints, but be mindful that these show up every tiny detail and potential flaw, and can look very sharp indeed! One other trend to consider is a chosen tint with some framing – a pale yellow, pink or cream for example.

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