7 things that happy couples have in common

happy couples

Have you ever observed a couple that looks really happy and wondered how they do it? Would you like to be part of a happy couple?

It is undeniable that one of the greatest desires in life is to find the right partner with whom to be happy and have a healthy relationship.

That is why, when we see happy couples radiating so much joy, we ask ourselves what is their secret. Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about here. You may also like to visit MSK and bodily remedy startups, by using this approach to reinvent care for patients with musculoskeletal (MSK) medical conditions and chronic pain.

You will discover that besides being sincerely loved, they share a series of characteristics that nurture their relationship.

The secrets of happy couples

happy couples

Control stress and avoid fights

When a relationship based on love and respect is built, couples think before acting. So they manage to establish a calm and peaceful atmosphere to talk.

There will always be disagreements and aspects that can alter the balance of happy couples: the difference is the attitude that is taken before these negative aspects.

In these cases, control, communication, solidarity. And tolerance are aspects that will give a very firm basis to the relationship.

The most common is that they have rituals that allow them to release the tension and stress of daily life. Such as exercising together.

They are always positive

All couples experience ups and downs in their relationship. However, at the time of presenting any disappointment. The happiest are focused on seeing only the positive of the situation and prevent this from taking control.

A simple detail can become the trigger for couples to get away and get angry.

By having a positive attitude towards problems, the ability to reflect and learn from what happened is developed. Strengthening their weaknesses and allowing them to accept their mistakes.

If there is real love, overcoming the difficulties should not be complicated. Because there will be a commitment to improve together.

Value the time they spend together

Happy couples live intensely every activity they perform, even the simplest, such as cleaning the house or preparing dinner.

They have learned that you do not need to spend money to enjoy your moments together. For these couples, the priority is to share moments and create memories.

To determine if you are spending quality time with your partner, ask yourself:

  • When you are with him, do you really pay attention to him?
  • Do you know what he is up to or what problems are causing him headaches?
  • Do you focus more on that person or on your social and cellular networks?
  • Couple sitting on the couch.
  • Sharing good times is a key factor in happy couples

They are friends before a couple

A key feature of happy couples is that before they are lovers or boyfriends, they are great friends. This means that they are always motivating the other to achieve their dreams and set new goals.

You will understand that this is extremely important if you take into account that with friends we feel free to be ourselves.

When your partner is your best friend, communication will flow smoothly. This translates into better sex, greater security and dreams together.

They have their own space

No matter how much love one may feel towards the couple. One of the keys is to respect privacy and avoid invading the others on some pretext.

One of the most common mistakes is to think that being together can control each other’s lives. And want to own their actions. The correct thing is that no one depends on the couple to do their things.

Happy couples are and act as individuals who live their own space and time. In your relationship there is freedom, understanding and trust. They understand that loving them does not force them to leave aside the things that matter to them.

Control jealousy

Feeling jealous is common in everyone and we can always experience them, even without a real reason.

When you love sincerely, that fear is present and the jealousy may arise spontaneously, in any situation indicating that our loved one is being admired. Or conversely when expressed admiration for someone else.

Happy couples also feel jealousy, it is inevitable. The difference is that their high degree of confidence. And stability allows them to control their feelings without creating a drama.

Cultivate your privacy

Intimacy is a fundamental aspect in the life of couples. When a relationship starts, the frequency of sexual intercourse is high. However, as time passes, the frequency of intimate encounters decreases.

Happy couples do not get complicated by analyzing if they have had sex for a long time or several times a week. In reality, they concentrate on the satisfaction obtained.

These couples give importance to small things like caresses, kisses, humor, new words and they experiment a little to find new ways of satisfaction.

To be part of a happy couple you do not need a guide of what to do. If the love between you is true, each day you will learn from each other and you will have a relationship based on communication, trust and respect.

Keys to maintain your relationship after having children

That a child changes your life is something we all know, a statement that goes beyond a simple phrase and has a deep and intimate meaning, not only on a personal level, but also emotionally and emotionally in your life Partner.

Conflicts between the two begin, usually by the sharing of responsibilities. In general, women consider that they are more involved in them and that it is difficult for men to assume or identify them, perhaps because they do not see the need for many of the demands or have another way of carrying them out.

The difficulty in finding moments for dialogue and intimacy makes conflicts remain unresolved and accumulate leaving only room for resentment and reproach.

Worry, lack of sleep and lack of time, increased responsibilities, routine, disagreements about the education of children and many other factors that happen in our day to day, can make us end up neglecting ourselves and test our relationship, something that happens more often than it seems in our society today.

You can say that for the most part, because a baby needs many things and we all give them to us. This involves going from just thinking and dedicating time to us and our partner to dedicate it to the children. And we already know that what we do not care for deteriorates.

To help us remedy this situation, the psychologist Helena Calvo offers us a series of tips that we must comply with if we want the arrival of our children not to affect coexistence, communication that becomes impossible and decrease or quality of sexual relations.

Interest and effort on the part of both

It is the first point and also the most important one. It is fundamental that both put intention, effort and disposition of mind.  Because without them, however possible it may be, we will always find excuses and not motives.

Sometimes the day to day and the routine crush us and we do not stop to try to organize ourselves better, we dedicate ourselves to the urgent, not to the really important thing. It is possible that we pass stages in which it is more complicated to spend time but if we are coordinated and we are interested in finding time for the couple it will be possible.

Identify the sources of conflicts and give them solutions

It is important to focus “on the solution of the conflict and not on it. With empathy and understanding not only of what happens to me but of what also happens to my partner. Leave the self to understand the you.

Equitable distribution of responsibilities

Taking them to school, to extracurricular activities, to birthdays, to the pediatrician or helping them to do homework, are chores that take up a large part of a parent’s day and can be very stressful, especially if it is just one of the Two who take care of everything. The distribution of tasks is necessary so that a certain equity is felt, so that our mind may pay attention to the positive aspects – and therefore to the desire – of our partner instead of the reproaches.

Start taking care of yourself again

It is important to stop being parents and to give importance to you. Do not neglect yourself!  Do not cancel yourself. You are a mother or father, but also a person. Do not leave your lifelong friendships or personal or professional goals along the way. It is true that you do not have as much time as before, but with effort and patience everything comes to be achieved sooner or later.

Begin to focus attention on positive aspects

Something very effective is to carry out a common exercise to have 3 weekly details with the couple. Something that is very difficult for us is to identify my share of responsibility in the conflicts that exist in the relationship and focus our complaints more on the solution that in the criticism. For example, we tend to always blame others for my discomfort and to forget about the positive aspects of the other person.

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